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If you want healthy bones? You have to move!

Bones are literally support our body. And that's pretty compelling reason is to keep in good shape. The most we can do good for their bones still in his youth, when our body has the ability to create the largest inventory of new bone.

Bone age faster than we do

At the age of just thirty-something you have in any case I do not feel old, our bones sees it differently: from about the age of the people is beginning to run low bone mass. Although this depletion can be somewhat slow, the state of the bones depends mainly on how much "reserve" bone we have managed to create in his youth. If we have enough bone, its loss may not show any serious way until old age. On the other hand, the sadder when the loss of bone mass is too fast or we have not created sufficient reserves in time, we can affect osteoporosis.

If you follow the rules for healthy bones, good for them and the whole body at any age. But when complying with these rules begin early in life will help you to accumulate a sufficient reserve of bone from which you will be able to draw on for decades.

In the first place, the movement

It is shown that a sedentary lifestyle significantly increases the risk of osteoporosis, and vice versa physical activity has beneficial effects. When the bones thoroughly train regular motion, stimulating them to increased formation of bone and the elderly help reduce its losses. Among the sports activities that are most beneficial for our bones, ranks running and skiing, but even so "normal" activities, such as walking, jumping rope or climbing stairs. So forget the elevator and run up a couple of floors every day for the health of their bones!

Bones need calcium

Bone and calcium form an inseparable pair and strong bones without adequate calcium intake are conceivable. The richest source of this mineral are dairy products other than milk and yoghurt especially hard cheeses. If the milk and products made from it are not among your favorites, you can make up your bones such as white beans, spinach, sardines or dried fruit.

Do not forget the vitamin D

Vitamin D, which is also sometimes called the "sunshine vitamin" is important for the efficient absorption of calcium from food. Most of the vitamin D our body creates itself through sunlight, so we had every day for a while in the sunshine and fresh air. In cloudy winter days when the sun is scarce to supply vitamin D from food: it is mainly contained in fish oil at all in seafood, but in smaller amounts in egg yolks and milk.

Do away with smoking, limit alcohol

Smoking mind only our lungs, but among other things bad for our bones. Reduces the amount of absorbed calcium, impairs bone formation and in old age greatly increases the risk of osteoporosis. Hand in hand with a cigarette often walks that alcohol consumption has on bone formation have a negative effect.

Are you afraid of osteoporosis? Zapátrejte in the family

The risk of osteoporosis each person depends largely on inherited conditions, so it is good to know that the disease occurs in your family. Osteoporosis is more common in women, hence inquire about bone health with their mothers or grandmothers. Since the elderly would be left check bone density and the results of such tests can tell many things about their health risks and the younger generations ...

Author: MD. Helena Janíčková expert uLékař
Source: U lékař

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