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Women's Affairs: 25 ways to use leaky pantyhose

Slowly but surely approaching the time of falling leaves and nylon stockings ... and ok in them. It can be a bit of throwing at least limit?

No, you do not just rob a bank, you still somehow employed leaky hose. Tights with runny eyes have a lot of other more or less well-known, half-forgotten and new, as well as surprising ease.

Pantyhose and nylon stockings have a lot of advantages, but also a disadvantage. They like to tear. Leaky hose then end up in the trash or pile up on the bottom of the drawer with the need to employ even under pants or a long skirt. But the more of them there are, the less likely that will happen. But .. what do you do with them?

Collection and recycling of nylon stockings as she practiced in some countries is not available with us., But there are plenty of activities for which comes just such a leaky mantle handy. Or you even this small piece of clothing can pull the plug in a very difficult situation, which would from him probably did not expect.

Girl for all

Most use for leaky pantyhose finds naturally in the home.

Nylon as a soft, lint-free material can be used for gentle cleaning china, mirrors and glasses. As a duster can be used and unused pantyhose to normally inaccessible places, such as under the refrigerator. Just a navlíknout or reel, for example, on a hanger.

Stocking can also help during the detective search for the lost small objects on the floor. Where is slipped over the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner, the device retrieves it, but "swallow".

Do stockings can slip over and rolled posters or wrapping paper.
Simply to protect their margins before creasing and otrháním. Piece stockings can also thread through the bandage on his hand and leg and prevent its dissolution and dirt.

The kitchen may be unnecessary nylon pantyhose navléknuté over a bowl to serve as an effective and airy while at the same time protecting food from flies. Odstřihnutým strip of nylon tights can change fasten a plastic bag for trash.

Flexibility and strength nylon fabric can be used everywhere, moreover, what is the common rubber band too hard or short. Maybe when tying mats.

The bathroom can be used instead of old pantyhose bags for delicates in the washing machine. Or vice versa strung at the mouth of the drain hose to catch any large debris that could clog the drain. Stocking finds in the bathroom but also more enjoyable use: it can be used as a bag of herbs and other natural materials into baths.

Its use is to find discarded pantyhose and in the workshop. Or even a car engine. Old pantyhose can be used as a filter on the old colors and choose from them as dry lumps. Or is used as a cover for the brush to remove dust. Old pantyhose can also temporarily replace the belt in a car, you are able to reach their destination.

Stocking gardener

Old and leaky stockings and pantyhose is popular with gardeners as well. Solid and at the same time flexible strips of pantyhose, for example rozstříhaných securely tying the plants to the uprights. Loading the stockings over ripening melon or zucchini in turn protects the fruits from small and larger animals.

On the one hand knotted pieces stockings can also fill the substrate and předpěstovávat in which seedlings or paste the following into ceramic pots to prevent them from soiling or facilitate transplanting. Legs in the well again stored onions or garlic.

And when the work is done and it's time to wash, can serve soap hanging at the garden tap as otherwise than in an old stocking. It is also in these temporary conditions prevent its slipping, dirty and lost.

Stocking artist

Our shop will also creative soul. Pieces of old pantyhose can stuff the old and new stuffed animals and other toys. Create one dlouhonové and dlouhoruké puppets, tails for costumes for a masquerade ball or toy for pets.

From the Old nylons can create a ball of yarn and knit it should be soft and quick drying rug in the bathroom or sew decorative baskets on practical little things.

You can make them simple and sophisticated hair rubber bands , novel necklace ( 1 , 2 ), curtains , flowers of different shapes and use ( 1 , 2 ). Or even a frisbee .

The author: Zdeněk Rudolf, editor of the server

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