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How to turn monsters know Čankišou and MALÉhRY

How to turn monsters know Čankišou and MALÉhRY Special joint performance Theaters MALÉhRY and Čankišou introduce new CD "How the creatures" all present 21.11. Metro club in Brno.

Čankišou after a successful summer festival riding for domestic and foreign meadows and groves finally comes back on home soil. And it will not just run of the mill concert. At a concert in the Metro because it expands to full fire, with fairy-tale monsters and baptism CD.

Ladies Brno Theatre MALÉhRY wrote a fabulous book How to monsters. The idea fairy retrieve the CD and space to songs decided to realize his favorite band Čankišou that the fairy tales written and recorded music. "Shooting the CD was absolutely unique experience because the guys from Čankišou forced us to shrieking, rattling different instruments, and other forms of" artistic interpretation "of which we had no idea! But had such charisma that they could not resist! "Says the shooting Nikola Zbytovská. The result is an album that comes at Indies Scope 11.18 (a book coming out in late November and early December) and will be officially opened just at a concert in the Metro.

The actual baptism album will be preceded by an afternoon lesson for young viewers and their parents, where they will play and read from the book How to monsters with Daniela Zbytovský, Barbara Seidlova Zbytovský and not just from the theater MALÉhRY. Start is at 17:00 in the subway entrance fee 30, - CZK.

Drummer assembly Čankišou is currently composed of three men with sticks: Zdeněk Boy, Boy Jan and Jiri Suchy Semtex. Now in Metro experience the unique concert of all three drummers. Čankišou have with their energetic music legged people Čanki had another successful season, which was without doubt the highlight of the concert at one of the world's Sziget festival in Budapest in 2013. Currently the band started work on a new album.

Čankišou concert will take place on Thursday, November 21, 2013 in Club Metro Music Bar on Poštovská street. Admission 130, -/150, -, advance the Indies, 2nd Poštovská Start is at 20:30 h

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