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Najbrt, Geisler and Tucek release Ratha ushered in the pilot episode of Blanik

Najbrt, Geisler and Tucek release Ratha ushered in the pilot episode of Blanik Trinity filmmakers Marek Najbrt, Robert Geisler and Benjamin Tucek, including filmmakers Masters Protector or Polski film, reacting to political events around us.

The day after the actual release of David Rath at liberty to introduce filmmakers pilot web series Blanik from the area of alternative power centers. In it reveal the backstage social-democratic coup in the party and hospitalization President Milos Zeman and Rath herald a return from prison.

"If worst comes to worst, there's Blanik. Visit the Czech alternative center of power politics, "say the creators of the series. Najbrt, Geisler and Tucek have created their own lobbyists, from his office affects the course of the world. "From the position of the film profession reflection Czech politics right offers. We realized that the phenomenon of lobbyists who kept out of the media attention govern our society is for us the right way, "says director Marek Najbrt. Videographer for aktualistický web series indirectly inspired by the case of Prague lobbyist Roman Janousek and his "alternate magistrate." The main hero of the series Blanik is Šloufovského man's nature, which in cooperation or vice versa in controversy with other lobbyists run everything from the presidential election until after the outcome of a football derby Sparta - Slavia. Or so it seems ...

The main role of the boss's office Blanik on marshy ground reflections on the contemporary Czech politics desert future movie Representative Vaclav Havel Marek Daniel. Next to him in the Blanik play Halka Třešňáková and Michal Dalecký. In the role of producer, as traditionally common in film work Najbrt, Geisler and Tucek, Milan is Kuchynka from negatives. The series is designed without the support film and political structures based on the enthusiasm of people who have not normally feed on film, but in this case, in the interest of things ready to go back to his amateur beginnings. Independent of the current scheme allows film production currently respond to events in politics, and occasionally some of the events foretold.
As they say the creators of the series: Blanik is always one step ahead ..

Pilot Blanik called Snowmen on display here .

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