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This year's first frost: watch out for discharge and short circuit mobile

They come with first significant drops in temperature, which is close to zero. Mobile phones do not indicate too low temperatures. They have a particularly adverse effect on the battery.

At temperatures below freezing, the battery loses its charge quickly. I fully charged the batteries, so you can phone in cold weather suddenly after a short time off and leave you in the lurch. Another risk is a sudden transition from cold to heat, which can cause a short circuit.

Relying on the fact that at the time of frosts call from a mobile phone insufficiently protected against the effects of low temperatures, need not be paid. Temperature below freezing might affect negatively the chemical processes occurring in the battery. The more you expose your phone freezing, the slower a chemical reaction in the battery, and the less power is able to deliver. The cold also increases resistance of the battery, which reduces its output voltage. At the moment when the voltage drops below the lowest possible level, to evaluate the phone so that the battery is low, and shuts down. If the battery should resist by freezing frost in the long term, such as after a few days, it could also mean the permanent destruction. When spending a short time in the cold but after returning to the warmth of the chemical processes in the battery will resume and the phone starts again show the right level of battery charge.

Greater than the actual risk exposure of the battery freezing is a quick transition from the cold to a warm building when there is a sudden temperature jump by tens of degrees. When this transition occurs, condensation, which began to precipitate. As a result, the device can easily cause a short circuit, which in most cases means the final destruction of the battery.

To allow the mobile phone from the negative effects of frost-protected, wear it in the colder months, well kept in your pocket best in Thermocover. However, if you pull out in the cold when going to use a heat protection against condensation on its surface. Completely sufficient to insert the phone immediately after the transfer to the heat in a plastic bag. The precipitation par and will take place at the surface of the bag and the mobile device stays moisture spared.

Author: Radim Tlapak, NTB CZ.
Source: tz

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