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Comeback rare African woman

In the paddock near the valley of elephants is taking hold extremely valuable female brown hyena. The aim of the Prague zoo is to try to restore the world famous breeding of this species.

Raising hyenas čabrakových in zoos is extremely challenging. It is very difficult to compile breeding pairs, females usually are not able to breed their offspring. Adult brown hyena, dubbed the African farmer, came to Prague in 2008 in South Africa. For the successful rearing but a year later went to British Port Lympne.

"We are a truly African multiplied. It became the second female outside Africa that managed separately reared their children, "said Pavel Brandl, curator of mammals at Zoo Praha. African women returning to the Czech zoo is trying to build on the achievements of the world and restore traditional farming in the Prague Zoo. Partner African woman becomes Prague male plasm, which also comes from the wild. "Re a resident of Prague zoo is still slowly introduces a spacious enclosure with background exposure. Its appearance resembles Tina Turner in top form. Flamboyant hairstyle are exactly the same, and that energy! I can not wait for her comeback, "comments the arrival of hyenas Prague Zoo director Miroslav Bobek.

Prague zoo has brown hyena since 1967. The first baby managed to breed in 1972, but it was the artificial breeding. World unique in Prague are the natural offspring of the last century. Brown hyena inhabits the arid regions of southwestern Africa. He lives in family clans consisting of a mother and her young, adult males are solitary. They are scavengers who naturally plays an important role in the health police. Due to the extremely strong jaws are able to crush even the strongest bones of large animals, which almost completely spent. In zoos are kept completely exceptionally on.

Source: Zoo Praha tz, tz photo to Tomáš Adamec

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