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Adopt an animal and fly to Kenya

The Prague zoo animal, there is still 130 "orphans"! Their adoption will get a chance to win a trip for wild animals in Africa.

The traditional marketing campaign Prague Zoo Adopt me, which aims to offer visitors an unusual gift and contribute to animal husbandry, this year brings big news - offers adoptive parents the opportunity to participate in the competition for exclusive prizes.

"Everyone 1 November 31 December 2013 will adopt any animal from the Prague zoo, may participate in a unique contest for a trip to Kenya, "explains Vít Kahle, deputy in charge of the Department of contact with the public." Tour organized by a travel agency ČEDOK in January or February 2014, and is designed for two people. "

The billboards and city lights at each year attract exceptional or bizarre animal species - bičovec varied, comprehension Central American Lori Balinese and Hornbill rýhozobý. However, only one hundred and thirty representatives of animal orphans who still have their patrons.

Adoption campaign can be seen in the streets of Prague in various forms since 2003. Last year historically has enjoyed the best result. "Since the beginning of November 2012 until the end of January 2013, managed to get a record 3,480,632 CZK," said Miroslav Bobek, director of the Prague Zoo. "This year, we rely again on the original graphics, based on new Zoo Praha visual style, "he says.

How to become an adoptive parent?

For this to become an adoptive parent, you just fill out an electronic form , or a printed version of the information office at the main entrance to the zoo and pay the appropriate amount.
Sponsorship and adoptive parenting can also be given as a gift.
In this version, complete the donation form. The recipient receives all the benefits of sponsorship or parenting payment while you pay. Adoptive Parenting sponsorship lasts 12 months.

Vignettes animal orphans

Bičovec varied
At first glance, the representatives of the order bičovců (sometimes also called krabovci) resemble a strange nohatým hybrids between scorpions and spiders. They are noticeably elongated feet on the first pair of legs, which are not used to walking, but as a tactile organ instead of antennae. The body is divided into cephalothorax and abdomen. Bičovci are nocturnal creatures. Spend a day in vertical crannies, such as under the bark of trees. No wonder they have a flat body and also move sideways like crabs. Females care for the offspring - first worn eggs stuck to the underside of the abdomen, later moving nymphs carry on the dorsal side of the body. Some species have also become accustomed to human presence and can be found behind curtains or paintings.
Annual rate of adoption: 1000 CZK

Understanding of Central American
Understanding inhabit the crown floor of tropical forests in Central and South America. He deftly travels high above the ground and often use brachiaci like gibbons. But they also jump, climb or move on all fours. Ručkují hanging by only four fingers, thumb lacking. When you stop to enjoy an young leaves, buds, flowers or fruits, hang in with ovíjivého tail, according to which were given the name. At the end of a bald area with tactile strips similar to those on the palms. Spider monkeys live in packs of up to around 30 animals, males have ever lived separate and solitary. The other members of the group are wandering in the woods so diffuse that a casual observer usually sees together only two to four animals. Members of the group continues to reason with various phones and at the meeting as a sign of friendly intentions discuss each coat. The female spider monkeys are very caring mother. The only chick wears on the back and tend to have another child after two or three years. Due to the slow rhythm of breeding monkeys is difficult to resist the stronger hunting pressure.
Annual rate of adoption: 5000 CZK

Lori bali
Loriové feed mainly on nectar and the flower in nature are therefore important pollinators. To more deeply into the flower got a language with a special growths that form a sort of brush. Lori Balinese resembles lori mnohobarvému and until recently was seen as one of its subspecies. These beautiful parrots rapidly declining mainly due to the pressure of tourism and trapping for the pet market. At present, perhaps left a few tens to hundreds of individuals on the island of Lombok. The Bali Balinese lori has been probably extinct. Exceptional is this kind also in zoos.
Annual rate of adoption: 1500 CZK

Hornbill rýhozobý
Hornbills are notable behavior during the breeding - male before laying eggs zazdí female in a cavity in a tree so that it is protected from enemies. Narrow slit that bulkhead built of mud and leaves food debris, barely stretched beak to feed mate. When caring for children over female bulkhead breaks and leaves his temporary refuge. Hornbill rýhozobý represents one of the most endangered species of these birds. The male to female varies considerably, a yellowish breast and body, while females are almost all black. Hornbill rýhozobé zoo behave quite extraordinary.
Annual rate of adoption: 2000 CZK

Source: tz Zoo Praha

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