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With varicose veins to the gym? No problem!

"Křečáky" are relatively common venous disease that occurs more in women. Apart from the aesthetic point of view, these problems might also cause pain, itching, etc. A healthy diet, weight and exercise are important prevention and treatment of varicose veins.

Lifting weights does not matter

If you have varicose veins , fitness does not need to be forbidden place. Here are some tips on how to properly prepare and train properly.

First step: from intense exercise can really stretch the legs as they transport blood through the veins of the lower limbs is dependent on the muscle pump. When not forget to stretch any muscle group. Simple stretching and light movement increases the heart rate, and oxygenated blood will be donated to the loaded bearing muscles. In each stretching Remain 5-10 seconds.

Second step: Before you start lifting weights blood circulation fast walking or running on a treadmill. Hold on for at least 10-20 minutes - reduces the risk of congestion lived during their lifting heavy loads.

3rd Step Two: Try to change the position of the lower body. Exercises that routinely perform standing up, try to alternate sitting position, or even upside down, with his feet upwards. Are you a variety of weight machines that allow similar exercises. But before you start practicing with head down and feet up, ask your doctor whether it is your general state of health permits.

4th step: Practice only with such weight that really master. Excessive weight can cause not only an injury but also prevents venous flaps are really open, and blood stagnation. To increase the weight to be carried out gradually as an assistant to help you.

5th Step Two: After boosting another 10 minute run. Your body is gradually cooled and walking will help maintain a sufficient blood flow loaded bearing muscles . Then again properly stretch.

6th Step Two: After exercise, wear compression stockings. When you are finished with the strengthening, take a little break and sit or lie down so your legs are raised above the level of the heart . This maneuver again helps to maintain blood circulation. Stockings help prevent blood to collect in certain places.

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