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Gerbil returns with Michal languid and "Rock and Roll for Kids"

Gerbil returns with Michal languid and "Rock and Roll for Kids" Frolicsome full concert show "Rock and Roll for Kids" will present the band Pískomil returns on Saturday 23 November at 15 hours in Lucerna Music Bar in Prague. As a guest of the band will perform Chinaski frontman Michael Slack, who sings smash the little critter from the current album and gerbils when we there yet? and several other tracks.

Gerbil returns to the concert will have some brand new songs from the forthcoming album, such as Ice Age inspired successful film series and the first person to like the facebook page camaraderie. Children will have the opportunity with a figure of a gerbil and his friends in colorful costumes on stage to sing and dance and given to a rock beat most of the songs to entertain as well as their parents.

Gerbil Show band returns offer live performance, antic children and juicy songs. Gerbil concert will teach children new original dance, show you how to really jump into puddles, how to cheer best friend and explain what it is protestsong. The songs are fun, emphasize the interaction with the children and leave them in peace. "Children who engage in most of our show, we take it to the stage that they feel that they are at the moment a part of our band," says singer Spider Kája alias Carolina Dytrtová .

The band's name Gerbil returns tells the fictional story of a gerbil or "Pískouše". He escaped from the cage and returns to the children, who together with his four-member band brings the funny "letters (k) Nicky 's funny, simple but memorable imaginative lyrics with a distinct rock unit." Gerbil no tame mouse. It's a guy, he likes decent music and are not afraid of cats. When he grows up, he wants to be a rapper, or at least a clerk at a gas station, "says Spider Kája.

Gerbil is back in his repertoire and live concerts currently working with singer Michal Chinaski languid. "Concerts for Children with gerbils I enjoy, it's always refreshing experience while sheer joy. Children will not give anything for free, quickly show you what they like and what not. It's a completely different model of work than playing or composing for adults. It's an adventure, "says Michal Malátný cooperation. The video for the song little creature that Michal Malátný among other songs to sing at a concert, directed by Mária Procházková.

Little listeners also have the opportunity to compete for a birthday concert for them Pískomil returns must hold at their home. Just buy a CD of live gerbils And when he's there, carefully inspect the packaging, find the names of four towns and villages, where the band members Pískomil to come back and send the answer to [email protected]. The winner will be drawn during a concert in Prague's Lucerna Music Bar.
Tickets will be drawn and winners during the show and the winner gets a day with the band Gerbil is back in the recording studio.

The video for the song little critter can be viewed on here .

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