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Shadows of the past - another case of cops Emeritus

Shadows of the past - another case of cops Emeritus "So I managed to implement everything in my head, I need to stretch days," says Iveta Svobodová, author of the new detective story.

About the Book

Luboš Neumann, whom some of you know from previous searches (eg Offside 2009), he had to retire health so wanted. His wife, a doctor Alena, is looking forward to finally be home in peace. But it would not be allowed to take Luboše ..

Without the blink of an eye he got a dream villa on the lake and began work on an open house and tavern. It seems that the cops will Emeritus landlord. Then the mayor of Green, who came for a chat before Lubos Neumann mentions a mysterious illness that has succumbed to the third son of the local obvoďáka, a former investigator scent: there is something sinister going on. When a cop arrives Emeritus of his former colleague Kamila Reichelová with family, together unleash carousel investigation that reveals not only the peculiar circumstances of the death of the doctor's boys, but also many of the distant past villas.

Iveta Svobodová started a gripping suspense story in which old very sad event cast a dark shadow to this day.

Excerpt from the book:
"I already told you what a disaster hit our doctor?"
"Do you think Schneider?" Lubos's eyes widened.
"Oh, such a nice man! All it here we love, he will do for anyone what his eyes see, and now this ... "
"So you please tell me what happened!"
"It's too long and ancient history. One is heartbreaking, just to think about, let alone talk about it. "
"Karl, please ..." Lubos nervous.
"Yeah, I know. His family is a disease which is inherited just guys. Actually live to an average of twenty years and then become paralyzed and die. "
"I've never heard of. Such a shame, "Lubos rolled his eyes.
"And you had liked that our doctor is just about as old as we are, maybe a few years older. He had already been married once before with some Adele Horáčková and they had a son. I think his name was Adam. It had a great misfortune. The boy became ill, he was fifteen years old, paralyzed and eventually ... Doctor sat at his bedside day and night, all go gray, but still he could not help it. His wife at the time of the mad, attempted suicide, her doctor finally had to put in a mental institution and I do not know what happened to her then. The doctor had been something in his forties, after some time got away and founded a new family. Unfortunately, history is repeating itself. She was born twins, boys. One died at eighteen and the other three days ago, he was nearly twenty. His wife was completely laid a doctor's health does not add too. He wants to end the practice. They have a daughter, but it would probably be against the lethal gene immune. Well, at least I hope so. Christina is about eighteen. "

About the author

Iveta Svobodová (born 22 3rd 1965) graduated from the master's degree in creative writing-editorial work on the Literary Academy of Josef Skvorecky. I prefer writing detective stories based on real basis. Ideas are all around us - in newspapers, television and radio. So far released four successful with readers of detective novels: a weird way, 1999; Stop fearing, 2003; come full circle, 2005 and Offside, 2009. This year, completed the screenplay for the fabulous comedy with elements of fantasy Baba Kroupová, which comes out in book form. He is adjusting dialogues and direction dubbing document.
He has three children, two-legged - James (29), Kate (24) and Matthew (5) and one four-legged baby - female Rhodesian Ridgeback Bellinda (6). She cooks, cleans, cleans (of course with such a large family) and writes - in order that determines the mood of the moment.

In an interview with the author

asked Jana Semelková

Iveta why you lured detective stories? Who were you in this area pattern?
, I can not quite answer. But as a "girl" I was right after graduating from high school she joined the prosecutor's office (if the prosecution). I thought about each writings that I got to hand. I always read thrillers. I love Agatha Christie, PD James and the amazing stories of Dick Francis. My favorite character is Miss Jane Marple - is simply perfect and stories Murder at the Vicarage, Sleeping Murder or simply a mistake. I also read several of Arthur Hailey and his novels Airport Hotel and just love it. I really like how the story gets going in a few lines, and then gradually all the threads together.

Soon see the light of your fifth thriller, where do you get ideas? And I do not have those Mord sadness of the soul?
Ideas are all around us. Sometimes me something interesting in the press or on television. The story, which was the inspiration for the thriller Shadows of the past, which now gets the readers' hands, took place years ago in England. I heard him on the radio and I did not understand how something like this could happen. A new case must Emeritus cops that I have broken down the computer, was inspired by the story of what my husband told my friends when I came to them at the cottage ... I'm such acts sad, but I try to at least a little to balance the books and show that even if it sometimes seems that everything sucks, once the sun comes out again.

So - every bit optimistic. Still, tell me: your literary figures - Luboš Neumann, životaplný, a little louder investigator, against his wife, Alena gentle doctor. These two are a figment of your imagination or a real basis in the circle of your friends?
Lubos Neumann has some basis in reality. Alena exists only in my head and the other also. Sometimes I feel like that really exist, that materialized and they are like my closest friends.

The other investigators form in your stories great group, so they probably will not miss any villain. You had herself lucky to have a good team work?
I think yes. Unfortunately, there's always a black crow, which has some ulterior motives, but the team always more cements.

Luboš Neuman is no longer in active service, bought a house and wants to be a landlord. Do you have similar desires as your hero - owning a guest house with a pub on the lake?
I had. Years ago I was the "Neumann pension" wanted to buy. It was a really long time to sell, and I had it all are viewed, I was excited about the place, but I balked loan repayments and I prefer to abandon his intention. Often I go around another villa and I am pleased that the new owner is doing well and the house and the neighborhood is seeing. Only those bruises are not already there.

You are quite a large family - three children and a dog - how kloubíte obligations mom with writing?

Sometimes it is over my head. I have the great advantage that among children is a big age difference. Cuba (29) and Kate (25) me a lot with Mathias (5) help. We all live together, but I think that the time when the "big" disperse into the world, not far away. Well, our Bellinda is female Rhodesian Ridgeback. In the summer she was 6 years old and it's the most patient dog in the world. It is really very good and our Mates is simply a calamity. Her terribly angry and I still have to watch him, something that she did not do. I was looking forward to grandchildren, as I will pamper and all will be for me to scold, and instead was born Matthias. Holt is not the "old age" power romp, as my grandmother would say.

Are you the author of novels for adults - and work for children? Do you have a young son together as favorite read, what kind of heroes you "enjoy"?

We read a lot of fairy tales. I have a book from which I read my grandmother. Chap a golden wreath. Then I prepared a bugaboo Hastrmana, but those wait a minute, I think I would be afraid of seeing ghosts everywhere. I wrote a fairy tale about a chubby princess and now I'm a writer for The magic book fairy fantasy grandmother Pearl. Original story I came up with my friend Pauline, who also has small children. It is the story of a boy of ten and his brother as they travel between the fairytale kingdom and the real world and the one who is into all of blackmail, of course, is their grandmother Karolina Enterprise at. But this is not just any grandmother, it's a real witch who is very well versed in the world of magic, but also bakes the best cakes in the world. Otherwise, very often invent different stories and I often then she wondered how it would all end. Mates instead to sleep, a wide-eyed and I do too.

At the end tells us what to expect by the end of the year and what are your plans for the future.

I managed to implement everything in my head, so I really needed a day to stretch a bit. By the end of the year I would like to finish another story emeritus cop who has a working title Fake friendship. Then I get to Baba Pearl, I would like to get together in the summer to children, parents and grandparents could read a crazy story about a quite abnormal family. I plan to have a meeting with a very interesting lady who I will tell the story of her grandmother. It's a very strong destiny and dates back to Berlin thirties of last century. And the next thing I'd rather not continue, even if I have other plans, but I'll see if everything goes the way I wanted. I hope my stories will appeal to readers, and it would be for me the best motivation to further writing.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to further escapades Emeritus cops Neumann - and not only them.

Source: tz JAS

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