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Four reasons why it is not worth buying shoes at the market

Although the golden era of shopping at markets ended long ago, many Czechs here continue to source footwear and textiles. Whether you are buying cheap shoes classic marketplace, or in a shop next to piles of Asian goods, they should know that in this kind of shopping is definitely not spare.

Low price of shoes usually corresponds to its low quality. Cheap shoes from the market is easier and faster to destroy. What are the major ailments such shoes and why their really not worth buying, we introduce the following article.

First Toxins and chemicals can cause health problems
The main problems of the shoe market include the use of chemicals in their manufacture. Chemicals have shoes to preserve the shipping time from Asia to Europe. Many of these chemicals are hazardous to health but some of them are even prohibited from use in Europe. Preservatives contained in cheap shoes can cause skin disease of the feet or allergic reactions. Instead of relaxing wearing new shoes so their users can meet long sitting in doctors' offices, accounts for ointments or medications, especially long-term unpleasant health problems. Excessive use of preservatives may yet be looked for when buying - in stores with cheap shoes online is often a strong chemical smell.

Second Poor construction is suffering for your feet

A weakness of cheap shoes is sometimes the sole. "It is not made ​​of conventional bearing parts, but from the grid, which often lasts pressure when walking. Foreclosed shoes while not wear because it's not only uncomfortable, but also very unhealthy, "says Jolana Nemcova Moleda of the company, which is engaged in the production of certified children's shoes and boots brand Prestige. Among the structural problems of cheap shoes include soft or even missing stiffener. "Hard heel counter is the fundamental building work boots because it keeps the correct shape of the entire shoe a good grip on the leg," says Nemcova. Heel together with the sole important for proper foot support, so that the deformation can lead to poor gait and damage to the legs and the musculoskeletal system.

3rd Poor material causes rapid destruction of shoes

To be shoes from the market extremely cheap, are used in the production of materials of dubious quality and origin. While honest shoe manufacturers in the production must comply with European standards relating to the health and quality in Asian factories, the rules are too oblivious. It is therefore the exception that the padding cheap shoes quickly dulled, and in addition the interior of the shoe begins with the use of shoes odor. Because it does not meet hygiene or quality standards. Discord often also suffer closing mechanisms bot. Zippers are very fast break, velcro on the contrary, will soon lose grip. The list of ailments complement and crackling and rusting třepivé buckles or laces. These components are important for closing a shoe repair shop in exchange worth ten crowns.

4th No receipts are not entitled to claim

When shopping at the market, customers have mostly come about their consumer rights. By law, each customer when purchasing to receive information about footwear, materials and instructions for its maintenance. This is, however, a customer at the market nedočká, on the contrary, often the boots or receive a receipt. Receipt of this serve as proof of purchase document and for complaint. Inexpensive shoes are not only rapidly destroyed but it or be able vyreklamovat. So you left with nothing more than a shoe thrown away and buy a new pair. Buying a seemingly cheap shoes from Asia so really not worth it.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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