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"Rescue" can be dangerous

Someone may come as a warning against rabies exaggerated, since in the Czech Republic with this man and dangerous infection since 2002, we have a problem. And since 2004, we are recognized as a country free of rabies. That's why!

It is therefore necessary to be cautious, not only in contact with susceptible animals in countries where rabies is still present. In addition, in recent weeks in Romania speaks about the need to drastically reduce the number of stray dogs. Some people are trying to help in the good faith belief that odchytané like dogs rescued from death and took them.

One must realize that it is in Romania are still reported dozens of outbreaks of rabies, both in wild and domestic animals. The disease situation is not good. Any importation of animals is a risk of rabies not only in Czech Republic but also in other countries. And this risk applies to both dogs and cats, but other animals as well as humans!

Certainly a good effort to help can actually cause a lot of problems. For travelers to countries where rabies occurs, it is necessary to recall again: avoid contact with stray dogs, but also cats. Who is traveling with a dog, cat or ferret abroad, knows full well that they must have their animals vaccinated against rabies, which, moreover, must be stated in their passport.

A more general warning: Rabies is an incurable disease in humans. Bitten person should as soon as possible to seek medical help because the virus spreads in nerve fibers, which are not accessible to the immune system. Therefore, do not produce antibodies, and is not reliably diagnose the disease before the onset of clinical symptoms. After their arrival, however, is not to help and always ends with death, disease, and both the dog and humans. And in Romania have recently unfortunately these tragic cases in adults and children. And if anyone thinks that he knows a mad dog from view, so you can not.

And the worst part is that the virus is excreted in saliva 3-4 days before the onset of clinical symptoms, it means that if a man bites a dog that looks completely healthy, and this dog can bite at a time no longer excrete virus and infect humans. So watch out for stray dogs and handling. And if there is a risk of such contact and can recommend vaccination. Today, it is painless.

A similar risks as mentioned in Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Poland, Hungary. About Africa and Asia, not to mention.

Author: Josef Duben, printing. spokesman SVS
Source: SVS tz

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