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Four Tricks against constipation

From time to time this inconvenience every man she meets. Rather than just run to the pharmacy for some laxatives is better to try to modify their digestion by changing the diet. We will, definitely the start.

Important throughput

Simply we can say that our entire digestive system is actually a long "tube". But vitally important that you need to worry - it however many of us forget. And that is why sometimes happens similarly as we know, for example, by piping in the home, that even this human and complex devices becomes blocked. Then you need "stuff" give back to the movement.

How can get the better of constipation?

Deliver fiber. What works best for our intestines, the fiber. This means that in the case of first aid is necessary to eat some fruits and vegetables. A lack of fiber in the diet may in fact be the primary cause of constipation. If you are not a big fan of fruits and vegetables, you may want to focus on, for example, whole grain bread.

Limit dining transgressions. Ice cream, pizza, sweets, chips and other "delicacies" can often aggravate constipation. If you have not a strong will, try to at least limit snacking to a minimum.

Drink plenty.
Course, it does not think alcohol or liquids containing caffeine or Thein. You would only deprive you of water, and it is highly undesirable for constipation. It's about getting into the body enough fluids to stool "sip" and thereby facilitate your progress forward. If you can, carry a bottle of clean water and support so your drinks.

Be active. Sedentary lifestyle is sometimes transmitted to the intestine. If you move your body, reducing movement even in the intestines. Sport, Exercise and a pair of active breaks during the work, all the prevention of constipation.

When the experts

If you're totally clueless, you can try one of the many laxatives on the market. But you should know that if you overdo it with them, you can be on them very quickly create a dependency. Therefore, it is always better to consult your doctor. Constipation can additionally sometimes complicate hemorrhoids and even bleeding in the rectum. If your problems persist for a long time or if you find blood in your stool is really good doctor shamelessly search.

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