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How to help hedgehogs from the cold

With winter coming, people are starting to shelter for injured wild animals in the National Park Administration Vrchlabí wear animals, which - according to the court - did not survive the winter. Most often they are rescued hedgehogs.

Each year, the shelter people at this time will bring several dozen urchins. Many of them could actually survive in nature. Workers at the shelter will try to fatten them up and get rid of parasites. Despite all possible care is given only to spring sunshine brought more than half of hedgehogs.

At this time, the urchins who have no problem to survive the winter, you weigh more than 400 g. Their size should be roughly equal to the size of a large grapefruit. If they weigh less, you probably will not survive the winter. People who in their gardens these small hedgehogs are found, they may take to the shelter. Larger urchins are normally saved to hibernate. People to help them help you find a suitable place to overwinter in their gardens simply need that to let her pile of leaves or branches where hedgehogs dig in peace.

Now, however, it often happens that people bring to the shelter hedgehogs who have more than a critical mass and winter would have no problem surviving. In this case no other option than to take the hedgehog and take him back to the appropriate environment.

It should be more than ever aware that any human intervention in natural processes disrupts the balance that works in the wild. Jednici strong survive and the weak will become the food of other animals. This scheme works for millions of years and there is no reason to interfere with him in any way.

Source: the National Park tz

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