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5 tricks to handle this Christmas cleaning faster

Approaching the end of the year and with it a period of hectic pre-Christmas preparations. In addition to buying Christmas gifts for our loved baking cookies or arranging a carp awaits each of us also demanding pre-Christmas cleaning. In this time left on lengthy and rigorous gruntování too much time.

We have therefore some tips on how to Christmas cleaning as much speed and efficiency that you have left a little time to enjoy the true Christmas peace.

Decorative boxes lying around things

For many of us around the house or flat lying around in various places stacks of papers, bills, magazines, toys disorderly our descendants and other details. Sort and classify them into crowded cabinets or drawers may yet take a lot of time. Much better, therefore, to consider whether this activity must be done in just hectic time. Solve the problem with items laying around all over the apartment can be much more faster and easier. Just take a few decorative boxes or baskets and also different boxes that will blend in with your decor, and all things lying around in them easily stacked. Their sizing can be enjoyed in a quieter period. Appropriately selected decor boxes in addition can deliver to your home to attractions. If you choose decor with a Christmas theme, you have taken care of as well as Christmas decorations.

Get rid of everything quickly, you do not need

An important principle for fast and efficient cleaning without hesitation to throw out everything that is no longer needed. Přeskládáváním old unused things are just unnecessarily delayed and also absurdly knead for another job in the future. During cleaning always carry a garbage bag and without mercy to him discard all unnecessary.

If you encounter a bulkier unnecessary equipment, such as old appliances must be, for them there is a quick, yet eco-friendly method of disposal. Within the service aptly called either lazy you old washing machine, kettle and computer take you directly from your house. So if you expect a new appliance for Christmas, you can quickly get rid of the old. "Just be home at least 25 kilograms appliances, for example, which corresponds approximately to the weight of a freezer or an old TV, and make a quick order on the internet or by phone. Our staff appliances come to your home free of charge and will take them, "said Petr Kubernát the company REMA system that runs the service. Even with an old piece of furniture, you do not necessarily appreciate the long journey to the collection point. When he was on the Internet offer for the ride, someone will be happy for him to arrive.

From top to bottom, from window to door

When I go into wiping, washing, wiping and polishing, it is advisable to choose the right procedure. Otherwise you because during gruntování to get dirty again what you have laboriously cleaned, and unnecessarily so, you are wasting valuable time. When cleaning, follow the first room that you use the least. This is usually a bedroom or study. Cleaning there will be faster and last longer. The most challenging kitchen and bathroom to let the very end. Kitchen extra cleaning to baking Christmas cookies. When cleaning in each room always follow from top to bottom. Start with the upper shelves and cabinets and finish vacuuming and mopping floors.

Clean the windows for a few minutes

An essential part of the pre-Christmas cleaning is also washing windows. And in case you own a larger home or apartment, may stretch even for a few hours. To even this activity did not stay too use a few tried and tested tips. Inspired by professional Window Washing, who have to cope with dozens of panes wash day, and obtain a practical double-sided spatula. One side of the window namydlíte and other readily wipe off. After each turn, squeegee, wipe with paper towel to rid it of excess moisture on the one hand, partly trapped dirt. For polishing experts advise to use products with an alcohol. Quickly evaporate and leave them dry track. Experienced professionals also advise the planning not wash windows on a day when the sun is burning. The water then the windows dries quickly and will remain smudge.

Hire a cleaning lady or a professional cleaning company

If you are so busy that you do not have the pre-Christmas preparation or as little time cleaning will not help family members or roommates, contact the professionals. Cheaper option is to address the cleaning lady, just go through the ads or make your own. But you can also use the services of a professional cleaning company. The order you should do at least one week in advance. During the Christmas period, companies are quite busy enough, so rather go for security and cleaning order it in advance. Before ordering, prepare information on the extent of the services required, the size of the apartment, the specification of flooring materials, address and preferred time of implementation. For businesses, you can order a complete service, or use it only for some selected tasks. Since the amount of work and the size of the apartment will depend on the price of cleaning, which usually climbs to several thousand. Incurred finance but surely compensates good feeling beautifully vygruntovaného flat and also saved time that you can devote more important or enjoyable activities.


About Be lazy
Service company REMA System Be lazy collection of unnecessary implements of household electrical appliances. The service is free, it works in the whole country and is intended for the general public. Collection covers all electrical appliances, eg electric mowers, saws, washing machines, televisions, monitors, computers, hair dryers, kettles, as well as batteries, fluorescent tubes, cartridges, CD and DVD. Removal of discarded appliances can be easily ordered by calling 840 550 650 or on the Internet at

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