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U ŠVANDA bring Hamlet, family drama about a murder cover-up

U ŠVANDA bring Hamlet, family drama about a murder cover-up The fourth novelty of this season preparing Švandovo Theatre in Smíchov. The most famous Shakespeare's play Hamlet in the translation of George Joska staging the Smíchov stage director Daniel Špinar. The cast in the title role of the youngest member of the troupe Patrick Děrgel.

Family drama about a secret murder end up being first placed before Christmas, 7th December 2013.

"Our Hamlet Hamlet will be present, taking place here and now. It is slightly inspired by Norse poetry, even if it is a true family tragedy in it are also a large dose of humor, "says
director Daniel Špinar the very best known and most frequently staged Shakespeare's Game of the Year 1603. Since then, Hamlet fascinated by theater and audiences around the world.

The title role is played by the young prince čtyřiadvacetiletý Patrik Děrgel, who thus became one of the youngest Hamlets on Czech stages. The role of Claudia has been a guest in Švandovo Theatre returns Kamil Halbich, the viewers know off the stage also from the television series Land Gone Wild, Street, ambulance or Gympl. Queen Gertrude will Hřebíčková Petra (I Served the King, Men in hopes Street and Helena), as Ophelia sees director Susan Onufrákovou (Innocent Lies, Dreamers, Editors). Also starring Miroslav Pear (Polonius), Filip Čapek (Laertes), Marek hurried (Horacio) visiting Tomáš Cobra (Rosencrantz) and Jaroslav Smid (Guildenstern).

The scene suggested artist Iva Nemcova, Lucia Škandíková is the author of the costumes and the music composer Petr Wajsar.

Madness as a protest and method

The story of a boy who gradually loses both parents (his father died and his mother marries the murderer), Daniel Špinar perceived as a tragedy about the disintegration of the family. "This extremely rich Shakespeare's play raises fascinating questions such as: How do we experience the death of his closest? How do we respond when they feel injustice and inequity? It is a game of folly appropriate means of assessing the truth of the world? And where is the boundary between the real and feigned madness? We are responsible to build the consequences of their actions? Even if someone prepare themselves for life? "Calculates director Špinar.

Smíchovští Staging Shakespeare's text in cutting and focus on the basic situation of a very vulnerable families whose glory and majesty of the gradual disintegration curiously watching the entire royal court. The royal family is in fact tortured as an evil conscience in the form of a cover-up of murder and one of its members - the unfortunate young man, Prince Hamlet, who desperately protesting the terrible deed, which the other remains a mystery.

"I am fascinated by the topic of insanity - the topic of a madman in a normal family, that it must somehow respond, how crazy they work and how far you can pretend madness, without really became crazy person. Messing with madness is dangerous, "says Špinar a production dramaturg Lucie Kolouchová adds:" The young prince loved his father, as well as loved and beautiful and smart Ophelia, which, unlike Hamlet really insane. But then Hamlet learns something he can not live without losing your own mind. Or it goes, know the cruel truth and remain silent? In his madness, however, says the king's chamber, the method ... That it will not end well, we know all about. "

In the title role of a young Danish prince will present Patrik Děrgel for whom the coveted role of Hamlet: "My dream Hamlet was a hero in a black turtleneck. That the Hamlet in black with a skull in his hand. A Reality? It's more of a man than a general idea of Prince Hamlet. It's a particular guy who gets into extreme situations. A languishing in it because it does not have to deal with this situation, "says Děrgel, the audience knows the example of an alarming crime drama about Jan Palach burning bush or a sympathetic Vaška in the series Street.

The sad and painful fate of the Danish prince is already known from compulsory school reading - the spirit of the deceased father Hamlet tells the truth about how and why he became his brother (Claudius) successor, and later husband, Hamlet's mother Gertrude. This leads to a deep split Kingdom and Prince Hamlet to pretend madness. The subsequent struggle for power and survival has resulted in one victim after another ...

Did you know that ..?

Hamlet youngest in the history of Czech theater was based on information in the Municipal Theatre Mladá Boleslav actor Radek Valenta: that it had played in twenty years. A year earlier it was Richard Krajčo that for his performance in Ostrava production DPB gained A. Radok Award in the category Talent 2000. Patrick Děrgel will premiere during the twenty-four years.

The most famous Hamletům with us belonged Radovan Lukavský legendary Pleskotová production at the National Theatre in Prague in 1959. Miroslav Machacek to Hamlet ventured twice - the Czech Budejovice it in 1982 with Frantisek Nemec said in the title role in the National Theatre in Prague. The Czech theaters this role also studied Jaromir Hanzlik, Vladimír Čech, Jaroslav Plesl and Petr Lněnička, were interesting and Brno actors Lumír Peňáz and Jan Zvoník. The oldest generation remembers Eduard Kohout and Eduard Vojan. A significant MIKULÁŠKOVÁ Hamlet was directed by Jiří Vyorálek (Theatre Goose on a String, 2009). Hamlet without the gravedigger without conclusion toured Krobotová production, Jaroslav Plesl in Dejvické Theatre (2006). In the Summer Shakespeare Festival as Hamlet also introduced Tony Danza, directed by Lucie Belohradský (2003). In the musical Jana Ledecký sang this role Noid Barta and Ondřej Ruml.

Probably the shortest Hamlet Theatre in Long said, where he, along with other titles to play, collectively called Comprehensive Works of William Shakespeare in 120 minutes (directed by Jan Borna et al, 2008).

Hamlet was filmed several times. Most famous version was just the first one, directed by Laurence Olivier, honored in 1948, just four Oscars. The Russian film, the original Gamlet, 1964 he was awarded the Golden Lion. Hamlet on the big screen or on television must also played Mel Gibson (directed by Franco Zeffirelli, 1990) and Kenneth Branagh. This is the same name as the film signed by director (1996) as well as Campbell Scott (2000).

Source: tz, tz photo to A. Hrbková

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