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Křivoklát Advent 2013

Křivoklát Advent 2013 Royal castle will be the first day of Advent, Christmas dressed in ceremonial robes that are retained until 12 January 2014. Visitors will find throughout this period castle shrouded in a unique Christmas decoration, which is new this Křivoklát Ducal Advent.

Christmas atmosphere for visitors to feel the breathtaking interiors of the castle chapel, royal hall, library and especially the disclosure of the mysterious castle thirteenth chamber, which is open to visitors only once a year and it is precisely in this period. Unique castle premises will be decorated in the spirit of Czech traditions, customs and superstitions. On St. Andrew (30th 11th 2013), the periods of the advent of peace and contemplation Křivoklát lighting of the Christmas tree in the castle courtyard. The highlight of the Christmas time, the traditional big Prince Advent Fair, which will take place on the weekend of the 7th-8.12. and 14.-12.15, and that is peppered with period clothing artisans, crafts, theater, music and conjuring performances, etc. On the occasion of Prince's Advent Fair will be Křivoklát stories and special historic steam trains from Pilsen (7.12) and Prague ( 12.14).

The program for the whole family

The atmosphere of advent will be captivated by every visitor mainly in the interior of the castle during the inspection, when visitors will be privy to the Czech traditions, customs, including Christmas Eve superstitions and divination.

Thirteenth Chamber
uncover visitors, thanks to its decoration, eagerly awaited the arrival of the mysterious Christmas Eve, as we worship the lords of the castle and the people in the castle. Thirteenth Chamber of Secrets visitors can feel the Christmas spirit, as noble castle of the nobility and the common people in the castle. Here, the face-to-face encounter with the contrast between Christmas Eve nobility and peasants in the form of meals, trees, gifts, decorations, candles, nativity scenes, christmas traditions, customs and superstitions.

Each visitor surveys, gets to pass to the castle bonus in the form of a list of Old Czech Christmas customs and superstitions. Traditional Advent Křivoklátské goods will be available for purchase at the box office over the castle and markets as well as in the castle stand (Frances, purpura, lead casting, floating candles, and much more).

Whoever wants to hand out to their loved ones a unique gift under the tree in the form of the experience of a lifetime, has the option to gift vouchers such as "Night on Křivoklátě a private tour of the castle" and many others.

Great contemporary craft fair will be held in the premises of the entire lower courtyard, indoor lower castle - in refrigerators at a former brewery. You will see many skilled craftsmen at work, blacksmiths, basket weavers, bakers, candle makers, potters and others. See and hear the Advent concerts, theatrical performances and juggler and many, many more.

Markets will be interspersed advent of workshops for children, where you can try various crafts and make your own gift.
Christmas concert, which sounds magical Rybova Mass performed by the choir SUDOP, will be held in the unique space of the Royal Hall of 7 12th 15 hours.

Křivoklát Mikuláš, angel and devil castle endowed children 7 12th 14 hours in the lower court.
Magic of Advent can intensify if the arrival at the castle Křivoklát utilize historic train pulled by a steam locomotive. 14 Dec. steam locomotive ride from Prague on 7 December of Pilsen. Owners of a return ticket will automatically receive a discount of 50% on admission to the first guided tour of the castle.

"Our common goal is to create a right in the historical premises of one of the most famous Czech castles magic of traditional Czech Christmas". Charming atmosphere in the spirit of Czech traditions ensure Ladislav Adam and Hana Jurčková, which are the main actors of Advent preparation. "Czech Christmas is the castle Křivoklátě unique" emphasized the warden of the castle Křivoklátu Ludek Frencl.

The gates of the castle Křivoklátu ov during the weekend Princely Advent fairs will open at 10 am and conclude at the stroke of 17 hours.

State Castle Křivoklát is a national monument administered by the National Heritage Institute. It is one of the most important royal castles with more than devítisetletou history.

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