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Potok Hučín again include the wild

Administration of NP and PLA returned to the original - nature closely resembles Hučínský stream on Stožecká. In past centuries forcibly straightened trough, so again quietly surging Hornovltavským mead. It is one of the biggest events in the revitalization of the Šumava peat bogs and wetlands, including small streams, which are key nature conservation projects in Šumava.

Again, return another piece of Šumava National Park to its original natural form - this year succeeded Administration NP and PLA.

Once undulating stream Hučín the Black Cross on Stožecká in the past violently clamped to artificially straightened and deeply zaříznutých channels. Now the flow is under the supervision of professional staff of the National Park and Protected Landscape Area Šumava again returned to near-natural state.

"We solved a long stretch of river about 1.2 miles. The restoration and renewal of rolling riverbed meanders its length increased by almost half a kilometer to the final 1,672 meters, "says Eva Zelenková from the Department of Nature Protection Administration of NP and PLA.

After subsequent spontaneous development, which will lead to natural erosion and deposition of sediment shores, we expect a further increase in meander loops and longer flow up to 1850 meters.

It is one of the largest revitalization projects the NP and PLA. "Hučín may again and hopefully finally return to its original meandering shallow trough. Like once, it will naturally curl the Bohemian meadows in the Vltava river floodplain. With the natural flow returns diversity of habitats for aquatic animals and plants and increase their diversity, "says Iva Bufková, Ecology Management NP and PLA.

Regulation, or straightening of small streams carried in the past have a very negative impact on the water regime and significantly reduce infiltration (retention) of water in the landscape. "Deepening and straightening riverbeds were accelerated runoff from the watershed. This has a negative impact, especially in relation to the course and intensity of flood waves in low-lying and often built of the basin, "says Eva Zelenková.

In addition to causing other problems straightened small drop of water flows in valuable wetlands including bogs and severely restricting their conservation and protection. These improvements led to a radical reduction of biodiversity not only in their own flow, but also in the surrounding wetlands that are part of floodplains, called the stream floodplains.

Original (historical) a shallow trough stayed in many places in the field yet well defined. In contrast, the bottom of equal channel was heavily recessed compared to the surrounding ground level. "This not only prevented the natural spillway and infiltration of water during floods and also led to the drying of the nearby valley of valuable peat bogs with rare species of plants and animals," says Iva Bufková.

The renewed the original stream bed has been released water. The first trout in it discovered the next day after filling.
Tourists can stream Hučínskému to be a beautiful walk from the Information Centre in Stožec. "Expression of the Vltava way towards the Black Cross, and a new furnace. The route is about 4.5 kilometers. One can go on foot or riding a bike, "says Pavel Pechoušek, a spokesman for the Administration of NP and PLA.

"Man and the Šumava before too forcibly intruded into processes of nature, mostly with the prospect of economic gains. After draining faster growing spruce bogs, which are then used economically. Return of nature in its original wild state and is one of our main priorities in the protection of nature and therefore here we concentrate our forces, "said George Mánek, director of the NP and PLA.

Revitalization stream Hučín represents the Šumava first major project of this kind. "On the Šumava National Park next map and examine in detail all straightened and canalised sections of small streams. Based on the data we are preparing other projects. We're going to revitalize Žlebského, fir or Uhlíkovského stream, "says director Mánek.
The project could be implemented through grant support of Operational Programme Environment. After careful preparation of the project is all managed during August, September and November 2013, less than two million.

The main objectives of the project:
First Restoring original channel, including its natural dynamics
Second The overall recovery of the water regime of the area and support higher infiltration (retention)
water in the landscape (flood control)
3rd Promoting diversity of natural aquatic habitats and biodiversity

Source: tz NP Šumava,
Author: Pavel Pechoušek

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