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Czech Republic is a "washing machine" stolen cars from abroad

Approximately twenty percent of used vehicles sold in the Czech Republic has the sale incorrectly stated the year of manufacture, and is often the result of deliberate falsification. The revised data may mask true not only age, but also the technical condition of the car, or even legalize stolen cars from abroad.

Czech Republic is considered "washing cars", where a new identity is disappearing cars stolen in Europe. Amendment to the country of origin, year of manufacture, the date of commissioning and technical condition.

A purchaser who has verified the data in the documents, risking not only their money, but also safety. Approximately 16% of used cars from abroad have performed substantial defects in examining the origin and 18% even check fails originality. If you like this, the customer acquires a stolen vehicle, threatens him in check in the Czech Republic or abroad will be confiscated without compensation. "Therefore, it is necessary first of all to examine the origin of the vehicle and the reason for the check-out in the country where it was before the arrival of the Czech Republic registered , "says Luke Green, adding:" It is possible to detect that the vehicle has been removed from the register because of a serious accident, or that have been previously registered in another state where it was stolen, and country of origin was subsequently falsified. "

To verify vehicle information service can be used Cebia REPORT, which allows you to check mileage, check the database of stolen vehicles, commitments for leasing companies, correct VIN and year of manufacture. To document the review of origin can be combined with physical examination with the assistance of an expert.

At least risky cars originally from the Czech Republic, with a clear and proven history including mileage, duly stamped service book until shortly before the sale, crashed (always necessary to verify a thorough physical examination) with a fair market price and sold by the original owner.

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