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Do you have gifts you are already a carp?

Although Christmas is not just presents a carp on a plate, but such are the attributes of Czech, whether we like it or not. In addition to the housewives will be busy as inspectors of regional health administrations and urban animal management in Prague. Upon notification seller that the administration must come up to 7 days before the start of sales, inspectors will know where to go. The notice must state when and where and the when the seasonal sale of fish occur.

Seller must live fish, for example, have proof of where the latter relaying. Separate selling point must be located and equipped so that the treatment of fish conforms to standards of the animal health requirements for their welfare and that all activities associated with the sale of fish were carried out in satisfactory hygiene conditions.

If the fish on a separate point of sale also killed, gutted and cut, or otherwise modified, must be in this place also easy to clean and disinfect work desk, knife, mallet to stun fish and spatula, adequate supply of potable water for washing work desk, disposal of waste water into drains and impermeable, closed and labeled containers for solid animal by-products (viscera, gills, etc.).

Conditions for sale and killing of fish provides veterinary legislation, especially the Law on the protection of animals against cruelty. And that's how these provisions are met annually in the streets of control inspectors regional veterinary services, or Municipal Veterinary Administration in Prague. We can confirm that the sales culture of fish and even the hygiene standards of sales from year to year noticeably better.

The killing carp must be preceded by stunning with a blunt object on top, that is a bit above the eyes, and then must immediately follow the bleeding gills trans-section, or trans-section of the spinal cord and blood vessels just behind the head. That is not the carp alive odšupinovávat, edging him roe or milt, threatening eyes, or take it for lids, it is perhaps no longer necessary to deliver.

Seller and the one who kills the fish to the customer, ie the person who kills the fish, or chopped Kuch must have prior notice of sale except health card, personal protective equipment (washable apron, rubber boots and rubber gloves), appropriate equipment and point of sale must comply with the provisions of the Veterinary Law and the Law on the protection of animals against cruelty. This is in addition to proof of acquisition of fish and their previous relaying subject to controls of the state veterinary supervision.

Although it might seem that handle live fish is simple, it is not so, so good and her last moments of life entrusted to experts in your hand - you get to kill the carp and even vomit and not to cause him unnecessary stress erosion of home and then suffering awkward at killing ...

Not to mention that any "donation of life", the launch of the carp in the pond or the river, at least 70% made. Vylačněný carp is not able to launch in the river or pond to survive and usually die.

Source: SVS tz
Tz Author: Josef Duben, printing. spokesman SVS

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