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Podhorná: The European Union does not prohibit herbs. Yet.

Internet environment, the last few months scaremongering that the European Union has banned the use of herbs and herbal preparations. The veracity of these claims is almost zero for now.

The following comment Jarmily grayling, Czech recognized herbalist and founder of Hope, shows how to extreme situations this may be poised regulation.

"Currently, the use and availability of medicinal plants do not have to worry about. The vast majority of herbs that are sold on the Czech market, is legally classified into groups of food supplements. This group is really certain restrictions apply. It is necessary to use in connection with such claims only about their impact on human health, which are approved by the European Scientific Advisory Authority (EFSA).

This measure is of course a double-edged. On the one hand, to protect consumers against misleading advertising and the reduction in product quality. On the other hand, can be opened out to the lobby of the big pharmaceutical companies. In case you would be able to influence the decisions of EFSA, can not wait to situations in which gradually will be about the healing effects of herbs disseminate any information at all. At this point, it might also be possible that in stores will be sold only bags with herbs or bottle of lotion, which will be the only file name and herbs. Buyer would not be at all not informed of the possibility to use the herb to a specific problem.

If the legislation of the European Union should take in such a way, I'm afraid liquidation herbal therapy. Medicinal plants used by mankind while several thousand years. Benefits of herbal medicine during this time clearly demonstrated. Medications Herbs can be applied for each disease and for each state. Herbs can be used, although we do not know what disease it is. Likewise, for their help, you can resort if the body could not stand the action of aggressive substances. In contrast to drugs herbs contain substances necessary for the body, such as vitamins, trace elements, hormones and enzymes.

The positive effects of herbal medicine alone can prove his more than fifteen years of experience. As evidence can serve letters, e-mails and phone calls from patients who have helped herbs, as well as a collaboration with dozens of physicians who use our herbal remedies as part of their treatment. I also intend to demonstrate the effects of some herbal tinctures clinical studies. The results of such studies would be a great argument against the above-mentioned procedure. "

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