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Alergik the country: Attention to inhaled allergens

Although it is known that rural atmosphere hypersensitive people suggest, may also occur here some insidious allergens. Unfortunately Autumn offers ideal conditions especially for mold, and dust mites. Defense rests primarily on prevention.

The village has its own "but"

Stay in the fresh air undoubtedly benefits the residents of the city. Children who grow up in the countryside and experience from childhood to allergens faced by the city were spared, are healthier and their immune system is stronger. Accordingly not allergies easily. But if the "urban" allergic decides to change the environment and spend more time in the village, you may encounter problems in known.

Do not underestimate the preventive measures

The biggest annoyance is likely to meet with inhaled allergens. We will advise how the four major allergies can be successfully avoided.

Pollen allergies. This is the most common type hypersensitivity, allergens are in the air and come from grass, trees and flowers. In the fall, from pollen allergy relief, the colder the climate is favorable from this point of view, and the country is safe. Avoid arc seníkům but where still might be lurking danger.

Allergies to animals.
Rather, it is a reaction to the proteins found in their saliva or tiny mites lurking in the skin and also transmitted through the air. In the countryside, domestic animals encounter frequently, so if you suffer from this type of allergy, make sure you stay in an environment where the animals have access.

Allergy to dust mites.
These parasites feed on both animal skin particles, but also you may enjoy the flakes of human skin. They are located in mattresses, bedding and upholstery, then the best they thrive in moist and warm environments. They do not like direct sunlight and cold. The environment in which they sleep in the country, should be clean and bedding regularly ventilated.

Allergy to mold. Mold spores are almost ubiquitous. We find them in a humid environment on the walls, the food or plants. Besides acting allergies lead many of them also to cancer. Antifungal helps frequent intensive ventilation and possibly spraying contested places special agent. The countryside in older houses at wet conditions are ideal mold, so choose accommodation in a place where it's dry.

Although the village literally inhaled allergens lurk around every corner, they may, subject to these measures to avoid and stay in the country air will literally be a balm for your health.

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