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Your battery will survive the winter? Tips on how to prolong its life

Car battery is the heart of every motor vehicle wiring. Of course subject to wear and tear, but proper use and care can greatly extend its life. During the approaching winter season however the battery significantly more stressed.

How to extend battery life and how to possibly choose a new one, we will advise you in the following article.

The problem of modern cars

The battery provides starting the car and is the source of energy for all elements of electronic equipment in the car when the engine is not running or when running at low speed in which the alternator does not supply enough current to the wiring. "In modern car batteries are significantly more stressed than recently. The culprit is particularly constantly expanding array of electronic elements of comfort. According to the ADAC, the German automobile that each year is growing rapidly, the number of trips to cars, service vehicles immobilized bad battery, "says James Proud, Chairman online store that offers a wide range of batteries and chargers.

With winter growing pains

The age of the battery increases the risk that one of the articles frazzled. This simply means that will not start. Most car batteries are loaded in the winter when its capacity drops rapidly. In this period must also overcome resistance when starting zhoustlého motor oil. Right now a good time to come to a timely assessment of the state of the battery in your car, you are the first frost did not receive an unpleasant experience.

How to extend the life of

Battery lifetime can be prolonged especially reasonable treatment. Make sure you do not leave the engine stalling at lights on unnecessarily long, radio or door ajar. Even a small lamp in the interior of the battery can in a few hours to fully discharge. Then, if the voltage drops below a critical threshold, salvation is impossible. The battery discharges itself (talking about 1-5% per day), especially when you drive the car a little. "When the car is used mainly for shorter distances, the battery suffers even more. You can only recommend a least a few times a month enjoy the car's battery a longer path in the order of tens of kilometers, "says Jakub proud of

Regular care may be needed

In cars with the most commonly used conventional lead-acid batteries with electrolyte which is a chemical reaction evaporates. Once in a while you should be topped up with distilled water to bring the level reached about 10 mm above the plates. Increasingly in modern cars there are the so-called maintenance-free, "gel" batteries. They operate on a similar principle, but they electrolyte is a gel nature. No risk for them or spilling contents, or its evaporation.

And what if the end of its life?

Outgoing battery is reflected in the rapid discharge and the need for more frequent recharging. When you need to buy new, it is necessary to respect the manufacturer's recommendations on the type and capacity. The relevant tables are available in each specialty store. Experts warn of unbranded and significantly discounted car batteries, sold especially in supermarkets. Their lifespan is usually due to poor quality materials and much lower than those branded. In this case, really worth investing in established brands, such as Banner.Varta, Akuma, Delphi and Bosch.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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