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Certainly, Mr. Prime Minister! - British theatrical hit in the Theatre Without railing

Certainly, Mr. Prime Minister! - British theatrical hit in the Theatre Without railing Theatre Without railing stated in the Czech premiere of the most successful British comedy of the decade Certainly, Mr. Prime Minister!. Trenchant comedy writers Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn from behind the scenes of high politics is loosely based on the cult television series Yes, Minister!.

Political satire Yes, Prime Minister! But by Jay and Lynn directly to the stage. English sparkling performance full of humor, breaking attendance records in the UK and has gained favor even critics.

Czech premiere at the Theatre Without railing is scheduled for 27 January 2014. The title role will play a theater director Karel Chamomile, cunning Josef Carda government secretary, private secretary to Prime Minister Karel Chamomile ml., As a special adviser to see Dan Morávková, in the role of ambassador Kumranistánu will present Stanislav Zindulka a character played by BBC director Petr hurry.

"I like smart comedy, which play Yes, Prime Minister! certainly belongs. It is a game of high politics environment of low interest politicians. If it was not so funny it would be to cry and vice versa. Although the British game, closely resembles the environment of our political scene. I am convinced that the Czech audience as well as entertain viewers in Britain. We do it in any case we use, "says the director of the Theatre Without railing Karel Chamomile, who began directing together with Michal Pavlik, translation is the work of Martina Stropnického.

In the satire razor-sharp, full of funny situations and verbal smash, is back on this one thing: politics. The story of a government crisis and the problems of Prime Minister Jim Hacker does not take place either in parliament or in government, but in his private life. Nedůvtipný a somewhat overcautious Hacker is trying to save the country from bankruptcy, but also its position. At that moment arrives Secretary of the Cabinet and submitted his ingenious plan to prevent collapse.

Plan Cabinet Secretary Sir Humphrey Appleby is called Kumranistán. I found there are huge deposits of oil and offer a loan from the UK. All but difficult proposition Foreign Minister Kumranistánu - Will Jim Hacker and his team to solve the dubious situation and avoid the disgrace of the cardinal? Let yourself be surprised.

Very well written comedy is full of verbal and situational gags that have provoked during testing of all performers laughter. The first game the audience laugh Certainly, Mr. Prime Minister! Already on 21, 22, 25 and 26 December this year.

Did you know ...?

The authors of Yes Minister and Yes, Prime Minister, Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn, wrote this theatrical comedy after thirty years of broadcasting the first part of the famous "britcomu". In the UK theater breaks since 2010, attendance records and aims to be the most successful game of the decade.

The television series was originally designed as a briefing for managers who have demonstrated a deterrent behavior of politicians. Since the eighties, gained through the BBC television broadcast a lot of supporters, even among politicians. Margaret Thatcher even inspired to write a short sketch series, which appeared on Christmas Day in 1984.

Immortal series won three British Academy Television Awards BAFTA in 2004 and finished sixth in the voting for the best British sitcom of all time. In 2013 came the TV remake with a modified cast.

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