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Father Christmas will come this year?

Father Christmas will come this year? Christmas time can bring remarkable stories, funny stories and nostalgia. Father Christmas will come this year? is loving comedy. The story of two families who have decided that Christmas is just from that to do good deeds, the wishes fulfilled at any cost, and that they believed in miracles, not only children.

Briefly about the movie ..

Charming sixties José (Joseph Abrhám) returns after thirty years of exile in Mexico to his native Prague. Succumb because the urging of his Mexican wife Dolores. She believes that their daughter Penelope, who tries in vain to get pregnant is the last hope for a miracle to at Christmas time to honor the famous Infant Jesus of Prague.

José has a return of fear, because they know that he could have an unexpected surprise. These are in the form of his old friend Rudy (Václav Postránecký), which handles all love, but mostly his former love flowers (Libuse Šafránková) and its large, stylish family, headed by her son Michal (Igor hops)

Birthplace of José prepare a number of difficult situation. He will need all his insight and sense of imaginative solutions to all get out of trouble. Finally, it turns out that each one of the members of the family of José hides its secrets.

In the winter of last year and in January this year, there were thirty-day shoot in Prague, Mala Strana and director flew in April with a narrow number of co-workers and the main representative José, Joseph Abrhám to Mexico to continue with the Mexican crew. Images of the film were shot in addition to Mexico City and the picturesque rural towns in Bernal and Colón in central Mexico. Latin American passage is not only a striking color scheme.

"Sympathetic José Czech emigrant, who lives in Mexico. There is firmly anchored, has a family and has no desire to return to Bohemia. Jose and I sat down over the ocean, it was home to the hand. Like every guy, when something wants to find a reason, as we well explain the distance José swipes and hides behind her reason for deciding to look back to his native country, so postponed. But the past it after all finds and lures. Rudy gets a boost from a friend, who could resist. Mexico is a wonderful and realistic basis for future story lines, which is the Infant Jesus of Prague statue, which they are in awe of believers around the world. In Spanish-speaking countries has a really special meaning and is very "popular", so the plot around it based on the "real" story, "explains author and director Lenka Kny connection Mexican co-production.

Josef and Libuse Abrhám Šafránková will play old partners, whom fate after many years of separation and silence prepares a surprising emotional meeting. "Jose is already embedded in the new country and returning after so many years, is worried because she knows that he could have unexpected surprise. And she'll get him into the humorous and sometimes a little difficult situation in which they must apply your sense of perspective and fast solution to all the trouble of rushing unscathed got, "he says of his role as Josef Abrhám.

"Bloom has its own life. What we experienced in the past it did not weaken, but that does not mean that they are sometimes reluctant to believe in miracles. Such types of women I support, "he
says of his heroine actress Libuse Šafránková.

In other roles appear Igor Chmela - almost suspiciously perfect father, Václav Postránecký - Ruda, a friend who subtly manipulates all, Pavel Kriz - not exactly ideal sexton, Danica Jurčová - Slovak inquisitive wife Veronika, a new discovery Raduz Macha - young Martin, who still do not know quite what you, Marian Roden - Jaroslav, who must get from one of the most difficult situations of the story and just as his daughter Joan, performed by the beautiful and talented Natalie Gregory's.

Father Christmas will come this year?

Premiere Today! December 5, 2013
Director: Lenka Kny
Starring: Josef Abrhám, Libuse Šafránková, Václav Postránecký, Dolores Heredia, Aislinn Derbez, Igor Chmela, Danica Jurčová, Raduz Macha, Marian Roden, Oldrich Vlach and more.

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