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In the new year with consumer debt more expensive

The new Civil Code provides for penalties for breach of duty, which of course will affect consumers. A breakthrough interest is interest that has not been authorized for consumer contracts.

The new Civil Code specifies that the debt payments go first to the costs associated with the recovery of the debt, then interest, then the interest agreed contract, and only in the last row of the principal, ie the original debt. If the debtor does not pay under this order, will pay interest on the debt and accessories, including actual interest, thereby repaying significantly more expensive. "This innovation is truly revolutionary in trade interest on the interest already exist, but in consumer contracts is a big change to the detriment of consumers, "says Miloš dtest of gin." certainly can not be said that such an adjustment will be positive for the citizens, loads the main loan sharks. "

Contractual penalties will no longer be agreed in writing. If an entrepreneur fine cleverly mentions when recording a telephone conversation or reference to the conditions in which it is described, nothing needs to sign a penalty is mandatory. While some hope in recent weeks brought the Constitutional Court, which fines in business terms banned, but how will this finding is respected, it is still a question.

"U contractual penalties, there have been one important change - still true that when traders" overshot "and set out in the contract fine is excessive, the court declared the entire fine invalid for conflict with morality. The debtor had paid only the amount due and any interest on arrears. Now, the court may reduce a fine only, and therefore the borrower always pays at least part of the fine, "explains
Miloš gin.

A detailed article about changes in penalties, interest or acknowledgment of debt can be found at / sanctions

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