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Turmeric: a spice aromas of the exotic protects liver

Many clinical studies have repeatedly confirmed the beneficial effects of curcumin on human liver. Although scientists still have not established a direct action of spices on viral hepatitis, its inclusion in the diet provides the body many beneficial effects.

Yellow miracle

Plants long turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a source of natural yellow to orange dye curcumin. It curcumin is responsible for the characteristic yellow color and strong taste of curry powder, which is an important part of Asian cuisine. Turmeric for centuries constitutes one of the fundamental pillars of Ayurvedic and Chinese traditional medicine. For this spice has, however, understanding modern medicine, which explores its positive effects on human health.

Focus on cholesterol

Moreover, several studies reported that curcumin regulates cholesterol levels and thereby contributes to maintaining the proper functioning of the liver and cardiovascular system:
Research center in India after the weekly administration of turmeric increased "good" HDL-cholesterol levels in 29% of patients and 12% of them there was an overall decline of this substance in the blood.
Total 2000 studies confirmed that when the daily intake of turmeric in the diet there was a significant decrease in LDL cholesterol (responsible for cardiovascular disease), and conversely an increase in HDL-cholesterol.
In patients with chronic liver disease, any adjustment of the ratio of individual types of cholesterol in the blood leads to prolong the life of the liver and cardiovascular system.

A friend of the immune system

A strong immune system is the best hope of defeating any infection, including viral hepatitis. Scientists are exploring curcumin as possible immune stimulator whole range of white blood cells. Yellow spice, this could become a low-cost but effective tool in the treatment of liver hepatitis. Already been confirmed by the positive effect in many cases of inflammatory diseases.

Curcumin liver welcome

Curcumin appears to be both reliable protector whose main arms are chemical reactions and the possibility of influencing the immune system cells. Research teams have confirmed that anti-inflammatory agents significantly extends the life of the affected liver. Regular intake of turmeric not only protects against acute liver damage, but also against the development of liver cirrhosis.

Everything in moderation

Even in the case of turmeric, it is better not to overdo anything. Many people because they think that by and large quantities of turmeric is completely safe. Excessive intake may cause gastric irritation. Furthermore, it should be receiving the suitability of this spice consulted with a doctor in case of pregnancy, gallstone disease, or if you are using blood thinning medication.

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