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I love you, but ...

I love you, but ... Musical comedy I love you, but ... won the hearts of viewers around the world and returns to the scene of the premiere of the restored Palace Theatre!

A man and a woman - eternal and inexhaustible topic, about which much has already been written, and yet we can perfectly have fun. It is no different in our musical comedy, where under the direction of Anthony Walks on the scene excel Tereza Kostková, Daniela Šinkorová, Roman Vojtek, Lumír Olšovský and Catherine Šildová. Always accompanied by Petra Vondráčka piano and violinist Anna Romanov or Petry Suks.

I love you, but ... does not have a narrative storyline, it's a series of humorous situations in which we monitor diverse couples in the classic stages of life. Since the first meetings at which they want to make the best impression, through the strengthening of the relationship to married life with all its implications and pitfalls. Most of us know the individual situations.

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In the musical comedy I love you, but ... will replace actors on the stage of total
61 + 4 costumes for alternation (alternating actresses are not always identical costumes).

Because the entire game is based on short output model situations costumes had to be devised to give a clear impetus to the viewer about what character is and more so that the actors managed to do 30 sec. dress

Challenging the preparation of costumes and masks, and for this reason, that in this game you play all four protagonists from "cradle to grave" (at one point the children are playing, the other with elders)

Musical I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change audiences first saw in New York in 1996 and immediately became the musical year. So far, putting in more than 150 cities around the world. In Bohemia audiences first saw him in 2003 at the Theatre Blanik. The performance was then the repertoire in several theaters in Prague and Pilsen. The renewed premiere is put Palace Theatre.

I love you, but ...

Joe DiPietro and Jimmy Roberts
Premiere October 15 12th 2013

Tereza Kostková / Daniela Šinkorová
Roman Vojtek
Lumír Olšovský
Catherine Šildová
Petr Vondracek, piano
Anna Romanovská, Violin 1
Petra Suková, Violin 2
Director: Antonín Walk

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