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Gympl continues, director Vorel completed college

Gympl continues, director Vorel completed college Director Tomáš Vorel is a loose sequel to the cult finished high school, college, viewers will see the film in cinemas from 23 January 2014. Heroes college Kocourek (Tomáš Vorel Jr.) and Kolman (Jiří Mádl) are mature and the makers of the film more realistic. Although her humor is missing, the college dramatic camera faster. The widescreen image gets more space and Prague.

The film was shot mostly at two universities in Prague on Kampa Park, Prague metro and on the outskirts. When filmmakers finished shooting in May in the club footbridge at Charles Bridge, came two days later, floods and a half film locations was under water. And that includes the club, in which he also played at a concert three hundred fans Vladimira 518 and Mika traffic.

The most expensive film footage shot makers with actress Ivana Chýlková. "Chýlková example, in one shot zdemoluje Kraus Lancia limousine worth two million. She did it gracefully and at first, second car had indeed been available, "says Tomáš Vorel.
Ivana Chýlková
and Jan Kraus play in college again Kolman spouses, parents of one of the two main characters. I Kocourek's mother's role in the audience will see Susan again Bydžovská that just for this role in the film Gympl won the Czech Lion. In addition, the filmmakers cast a new actor. "As a professor of economics I wished Vaclav Klaus, a professor of Applied Arts of Milan Knížák, but you do not want to play. Professor at the University and David Vavra plays a professor in the Department of graphics plays Jakub Kohák, "says Vorel. The main girl's role Julie was a big casting and eventually won the role of actress Eva Josefíková.

The authors of music and rap are Mike Trafik and Vladimir 518th Vorel so again invited a generation younger colleagues. "Vladimir I could not reach them, because I once refused Gympl in the film, that supposedly in such commercial shit where he plays Mádl, the effects will be. Pasta with whom we were writing the script, he organized a meeting with Vladimir on it we convinced him that college, although it will play a handle, not commercial shit, "says Vorel. In college and hear three songs from Vladimir 518 Children of emptiness and Planet Prague already existed, the song was composed by Vladimir Run, run, 518 directly to film. Mike Trafik for film music composed partly new and partly worked with music from their last album. The filmmakers especially strove to perfect harmony with the music video.

Director Vorel never neholdoval sequel films and never would have believed himself a continuation of the movie winds. The rotation college made ​​him a lot of pressure fans, film Gympl saw hundreds of thousands of spectators and creators themselves eventually began sincerely interested in what would be the end of high school might happen to their heroes. "It was a challenge to make the movie even better than previous , "adds Tomáš Vorel.

Trailer for the movie

A short insight into the plot of the film:
Petr Kocourek (Tomáš Vorel Jr.) is reported to the Department of Graphics at the Academy of Applied Arts, where only a select few receive. It did not take him once a professor Bacon (James Kohák) is uncompromising. The school also adheres beautiful Julie (Eva Josefíková), in which Kocourek falls in love. Michal Kolman (Jiří Mádl) studied Economics, but instead of lectures and seminars are of interest only classmates and fast cars. Tests and credits addresses fraud or bribery or through his influential father (John Kraus). Kocourkova mother (Zuzana Bydžovská) long ago gave up the idea that her son will be studying something proper, while Mrs. Kolmanová (Ivana Chýlková) his son always support them and pampers. Both boys brings together since high school illegal graffiti. The Prague roofs, railway stations and subways are experiencing wild adventures. On one night chase Kocourek is caught ...
Music and rap DJ Mika Newsagent and Vladimir 518, austere drama, dynamic camera, secret nooks night - all this gives the authentic Prague.


Premiere: Aug 23 January 2014
Director and camera: Tomáš Vorel
Authors scenarios: Tomáš Vorel, Pasta Oner
Music: Mike Trafik & Beatbustlers
Rap: Vladimir 518
Starring: Tomáš Vorel Jr., Jiří Mádl, Eva Josefíková, Zuzana Bydžovská, Jakub Kohák, Jan Kraus, Ivana Chýlková, Filip Vorel, David Vavra, Petr Čtvrtníček and more

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