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We purchase Laptop Batteries: 6 things to beware

Replacement batteries can be practical and a welcome gift for any owner of a laptop, especially if you have an old battery out of breath and lasts only a few minutes. On-line shopping is the fastest option, but hides the possible risks.

Whether you're buying a spare battery as a Christmas gift or for yourself with the prospect of long winter evenings with a laptop, pay attention to the following advice.

The correct model

When buying a replacement battery, of course, can not do without information about the notebook in which it is intended. In addition, the brand must also know the type designation laptop or battery part number. "An important factor when buying battery is also indicated by the value of the output voltage in volts. You can find it on the label of the original battery and should be the same as the value specified for the new torch, "said Radim Tlapak of NTB CZ company that operates online store Only when the conformity of these basic parameters will know that the battery will fit into a laptop.

Beware of suspiciously cheap brand

When selecting a replacement battery, you can choose between the original batteries from non-original manufacturer or laptop models. They are usually much cheaper, because they have many customers prefer. Many non-original battery quality easily compares to the originals. Attention But let the suspiciously cheap Chinese-made batteries that cost by more than half less than the original. There may very quickly lose their capacity or even be dangerous. Dial prefer the proven brands.

Shop with verified sellers

In addition to brand batteries do not forget to also check the vendor. On the Internet because you can run into a number of fraudulent merchants. When selecting a suitable e-shop you can drive rated shopping advisors, they should be Eureka. According to customers immediately know whether you can trust the seller. Please check also the contact details of the trader, except phone number and e-mail should also indicate the address. If you opt for foreign e-shop, pay attention to the amount of postage.

The warranty for two years

Batteries are legally warranted for 2 years. But, as shown, for example, last year's magazine survey dTest, some online retailers guarantee illegally shortened sometimes to a quarter of the statutory period. Before buying then verify that the seller actually guarantees a 24 month warranty. Otherwise you at any later claims the battery can be unpleasantly surprised.

Give priority to higher-capacity

For one type of laptop battery may be determined by a variety of capacities. If a replacement battery to ensure the longest possible battery life, choose the highest capacity., You will still cost a little more than batteries with lower capacity, stamina but it can surpass even tripled. Capacity is the number of cells available are battery 3 cell, 6-cell and 9-cell. " Three-sectional laptop battery lasts for about nine inches diagonal of just over two hours, nine-ensure its operation up to seven hours, "said Radim Tlapak the company NTB CZ. Capacity is also referred to in watt-hours (Wh), or in miliampérhodinách (mAh). The indicated value is higher, the longer it should go without recharging the battery.

Beware of inappropriate dimensions

If you are buying a non-genuine spare battery, pay attention to its dimensions. Especially with some heavy duty batteries in extreme cases the state that the battery will not fit properly into the machine and it will stand out from its casing. Most of certified dealers dimensions offered by the battery provides as standard, so you can easily compare with the original.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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