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They bumpers of cars from pomelo? Migrating maybe yes

Pomelo is a remarkable fruit. It is the largest citrus fruits have about one to two pounds, but can weigh as much as five. Researchers at the German universities of Freiburg and Aachen but focused on a different marvelous property pomelo.

Fruits are able to withstand the impact from a height of ten meters. This property has inspired scientists in the development of new high-impact aluminum, of which might be of interest mainly automotive industry.

The secret lies in its pomelo crust. It consists of two layers, a thin resistant outer layer and the inner layer is formed of thick, rigid network of fibers that looks like a rigid foam. Thus formed is resistant shell shock from high altitudes. Scientists are focusing on this structure and tried to use her in a completely different material: aluminum.

In an effort to mimic the properties of pomelo produced a kind of aluminum-silicon hybrid. The center of the material consists of high impact aluminum outer shell is formed from solid aluminum alloy and silicon.

The resulting hybrid exhibits a much higher tensile strength than pure aluminum, and a much higher elongation than conventional aluminum alloys and silicon. According to scientists such material ideally suited for use in the automotive industry, where materials are highly resistant to impact demand.

"The main use of the material will be energy efficient, lightweight products, especially in the automotive industry," Sebastian F. Fischer of the University of Aachen. According to him, it is difficult to find new and new materials. The only promising way shows the various materials with different properties. A search of inspiration in nature.


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