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Winemaker advice: When choosing a wine underestimate site

A few years ago, drinking wine has become fashionable. Right to choose wine or a tasty able to give to someone else is one of the good social tone.

Whether you are purchasing for their own wine taste experience, or as a gift, we have two substantive advice of an experienced winemaker. They choose quality and original wine that still will not cost a lot of money.

VOC - the letters signifying the uniqueness

Originality, uniqueness, uniqueness. If you're looking for a wine that will boast these characteristics, reach for the so-called VOC, a wine of original certification. If you see the label on the bottle, you can be sure that the hand holding the truly exceptional wine. It was made of varieties that are typical for the region. The grapes used to produce such wines grown in vineyards that have been previously approved in strict approval process. The unique flavor and aroma to complete the specific natural conditions and the unique terroir of the soil composition, ie the place of origin of the grapes.

First Council of the winemaker:
"People in selecting the wines should not underestimate the locality in which they were grown grapes used to produce it. For example, our VOC Blue Mountains come from vineyards that lie on one of the sunniest and warmest places in our country. Calcareous sediments provide grown grapevine sufficient number of elements required for its consumption, and moreover in the optimum ratio. Thanks to this, we have a specific wine of original certification year after year the same character, but they are still interchangeable with other wines, "says Marcel Lanžhotský technologist from the winery Patria mare.

When the wine champion

If you are not in the wine cellar and a frequent guest on his way to the wine you just looking, it is possible that often aimlessly wandering the aisles and you can not choose. In this case, it is good to give recommendations to someone more experienced. This can obviously be a reseller in the wine cellar, which should be true professionals and experts to the range. Excellent recommendations can also provide an independent panel of winemakers, sommeliers and food inspection staff. Just search for wines that have succeeded to some of the prestigious competition.

Second Council winemaker:
"Wines awarded in the competition, I can only recommend. The evaluation of samples is influenced by a number of experts, therefore there is no risk that the winning wine was poor. Moreover, even if there is a competition of wines certainty about the origin of the grapes, whose origin has been demonstrated in the classification of the inspection. Results of individual competitions can be found on the Internet, often with a short statement of the winners, which will allow you to get a basic idea about wine, "advises Marcel Lanžhotský technologist Patria Mare wineries whose wines under the brand of wine Mare won this year among others six seats in the prestigious competition Wine Salon of the Czech Republic.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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