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Sexual positions that 'record' number of

Although one might think that sex is still something very simple and natural, and this activity may have their own characteristics. Specifically, when it can focus on a successful conception babies, not only choosing sexual positions, but also use other tricks.

Classic results

Of course you can get pregnant in virtually all sexual positions, for the most reliable but is considered a classic missionary position. Got its name from the missionaries, which any other "games" were too sinful and sex served only one - to get pregnant. Location where the couple sees each other in the face, was the only one acceptable. Suitable for conception is for several reasons:
The missionary position is very comfortable and allows good body contact.
The cervix is ​​tilted down towards the cervix so sperm and have simplified the way to the uterus.
Location allows deep penetration of the penis and sperm after ejaculation are therefore very close to the cervix.

Good alternatives

The position where the woman is the man for four and it may also be a good solution, as this position allows for deep penetration. Some theories also say that this is a particularly convenient location for women with a uterus in retroversion (ie bent backwards). Beloved, when the woman is on top, may also in some cases very well. Although there working against gravity, sperm are relatively fast swimmers and go "up" does not bother them. The advantage of this position is that it is often pleasant for a woman. And that is what some experts prefer. They argue that the best position for conception is one in which a woman feels best.

And then what?

Neither ejaculation effort on your baby does not have to end. Your chances of conception can increase some simple tricks.
A man should keep his penis for some time inside the vagina to escape only minimum sperm.
After pulling the penis can partner for a while gently pushing her vagina lips together to prevent leakage of semen.
The woman should remain lying on your back for about another 20-30 minutes, ideally with the pelvis to be supported pad.

All the above-mentioned Council unfortunately are not scientifically proven, but definitely worth a test. Nothing, however, change the fact that in addition to the position for conception is more important right timing and the fact that the partner receiving lovemaking.

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