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Santa Claus - the king of Czech Christmas. Worst gift - adrenaline experience.

Santa Claus or Grandfather Frost is not for the king of Czech Christmas Ježíška no competition. As demonstrated by the current exploration company SANEP, Father Christmas will be on Christmas Eve gifts nadělovat 59.8% Czech households. In contrast, advertising and product widely publicized Santa Claus, then this Christmas gift Nadel 0.7% Czech families and Santa Claus 0.5% of the public.

As further shown exclusive investigation SANEP amount of up to CZK 1,000 intends to invest in Christmas presents 15.2% of respondents, who constitute a representative sample of the resident population.
The amount of CZK 1000 to 3000,-CZK then says to invest in Christmas presents 28.1% of respondents and the amount of from 3000, CZK to 5000 CZK 24.2% of respondents.
Amount of money in the amount of 5000 CZK to 10,000 CZK-then presents plans to invest 15.6% of respondents and the amount of more than EUR 10 000,-CZK only 7.1% of respondents.
The Christmas gifts then you have no funds 4.1% of respondents.

The best gift under the Christmas tree, 8.7% of respondents considered the book and then 7.1% of the public funds. Smallness of love considered the best gift of 6.7% of the respondents and present, of which you yourself say, considered the best 6.4% of the public. However, every gift you weigh 37.6% of respondents.

Conversely, the least desired or considered rather inappropriate gift voucher 9.6% of those on adrenaline. It is not suitable as a Christmas gift and erotic lingerie, erotic or from the perspective of 8.3% of respondents. What's the worst gift under the tree in the opinion of 7,1% of the public means of weight loss. In the ranking of the worst Christmas gifts followed by alcohol (6.4%), socks and other current Lingerie (3.7%) and household items (3.6%).

Christmas holidays perceives despite the Christmas rush as the season of peace and well-being 28.9% of the public. What joy to children for Christmas then represent 17.6% of the respondents. Traditional Christian values ​​and symbolism celebrates the Christmas holidays, 17.4% of respondents. For 14.9% of respondents represent an opportunity for family Christmas gathering. However, only chaos and stress of Christmas sees 8.9% of respondents and as gifts and Christmas shopping rush 8.7% of respondents.

Despite significant debt largely Czech households are Christmas crucial reason for further debt in the aggregate 96.3% of respondents. However, in total, 2.3% of respondents due to purchase Christmas gifts admits the debt.
Larger funds to purchase Christmas gifts from last year intends to spend only 12.3% of respondents.

While it is clear that in the aggregate 78.8% of the public personally experiencing Christmas as the holiday of peace and quiet, or as a delight for children or traditional Christian holiday, yet the majority view prevails (81.3%), that Christmas has been a commercial rather than just a Christian holiday. This majority view is unquestionably commercial consumerist Christmas atmosphere, which clearly exceeds the spiritual plane.

Favorites discounts for Czech customers'll be in the field of view and the purchase of consumer goods in post-Christmas discounts this year that it intends to use in the aggregate 44.1% of the public.

Difficult economic situation of a large part of Czech families but also signs this Christmas, in which he intends to everyone what these holidays include saving 20.3% of the public. Wearing it will save 18.5% of respondents and gifts for relatives 4.1% of respondents. On the contrary, will not save 27.9% of respondents.

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