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Psoriasis hair: tips on how to get rid of it

Hair psoriasis affects at least half of all patients with psoriasis. It shows the typical appearance of scaly patches on the scalp, which may be accompanied by other symptoms such as redness or itching. You know how it once and for all get rid of?

The possibilities are many

Treating hair psoriasis depends mainly on the extent of disability. Another procedure selects a dermatologist for minor flaking and another for large bearings that can extend to the forehead, neck or in the area around the ears. But that's not all. Solution hair psoriasis depends on other factors:
Important is the body's response to previous treatment.
It also plays the role of psoriasis elsewhere on the body.
Determining the amount of hair and patient.

Vlasov psoriasis is sometimes better not to solve all, resolves itself. If this group lucky but do not belong, look at the small list of possible remedies.

First preparation

Before starting the actual therapy is necessary skin to prepare. Despite heavy buildup of scales would be effective agents penetrated. How to do it?
It helps acetylsalicylic acid, urea or phenol.
If after washing the flakes persist, apply oily creams - skin moistened and other washing will be easier to remove.
The remaining scales gently brush the hair.

Local treatment for mild symptoms

If your issue is only slight, it can help some of the local remedies against psoriasis:
Tar products. Shampoos, creams, gels and soaps for combating unpleasant itching. Shampoo gently massage it into your hair before rinsing and wait 5 minutes. The disadvantage is the smell of tar, but which may mask some of the prescription conditioner.
Salicylic acid. Helps not only with the initial removal of scales, but also in the fight against inflammation.
Corticosteroids. For small bearings psoriasis can inject a smaller amount of steroids into the affected site.

In worse cases, try fotoléčbu

In case of severe symptoms of psoriasis hair comes the UV rays and systemic therapy:
Methotrexate - prevents the formation of an enzyme that is responsible for the accelerated growth of skin cells.
Retinoids - control the rate of cell proliferation.
Cyclosporine - act against the main immune mechanisms.
Biological therapy - focuses on specific parts of the immune system.

It may take several months before you get hair psoriasis under control. Once you manage it but once, just maintenance therapy with special shampoos and nobody know about your problem.

Source: Rheumatic

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