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Women New performances at the Comedy Theatre

Women New performances at the Comedy Theatre The author and director Adela Laštovková Stodolová cooperating pair of scooters, choreographer Jana Burkiewiczová, Hana Zárubová costume designer, set designer Jakub Kopecký, actors Dana Batulková Renato Martin, Zuzana juicy, Spring Ondruš, Jakub Gottwald and Andrew Nosálek ...

... All gathered in the preparation of a new dance-theater production of Women, which will premiere on the 19th December at the Comedy Theatre in Prague. The project builds on previous performances Adele Laštovková Stodolová Small Death and Men and freely and closes the trilogy dealing with human archetypes and their mutual relations.

"In a previous project, I tried to glimpse into the world of men, we will now focus on the female universe - where they have their roots, from where it takes its power, what influences their behavior and thinking, what are the female archetypes or how to handle aging," says the author of the concept , directed and choreographed Adele Laštovková Stodolová, whose two previous projects were nominated for the dance performance of the year.

On stage productions together female celebrities from different generations and genres that exaggeration and humor and balance their life stories: Actress Dana Batulkovou for which a return to the dance, the dancer and performer Renat Martin and actress Susan juicy. "How to live in today's world women ? They are on the prowl. What do they do when it is too much for them? Pot. With bow in hand, an arrow in his belt and plums in a backpack managed three women on their journey landscape of memories lined rubber animals, a chandelier with feathers, totem hair and juicy flesh plums, "adds Luke Trpišovský duo scooters. Besides the female characters will also feature dancer Jaro Ondruš, actors James Gottwald and Andrew Nosálek.

Compared with previous projects where the choreography was only part of Adela Laštovková Svobodové, in its development involved the newly Jana Burkiewiczová. The result will be clear stories, role or the plot, but a combination of expressive dance, theater and performance. The theme of female archetypes about such treatment says Adela describes how Laštovková Stodolová: "As women, we are cyclical creatures and walk in circles relevant experience. These life milestones in our lives leave an unforgettable mark. It's the time of first menstruation, first love, motherhood, childbirth and then input the wise and mature women. When these events are treated ritual transition, a woman in a new phase of life enters consciously supported and loved ones. It is the woman on the other side that it symbolically welcome a new dress robes experience. "

Women will be staging at the Comedy Theatre in addition to premiere in the 22nd December (in addition to a party), 18th, 19th January and 15 and 16 February 2014. Who is like compared with men will be in the same space opportunity now the 8th, 20th and 21 December 15th and 23 January and 8 and 9 of February.


Idea, concept, direction: Adele Laštovková Stodolová
Choreography: Jana Burkiewiczová
Overhead Supervision: Scooter (Martin Kukučka, Luke Trpišovský)

Starring: Dana Batulková Renato Martin, Zuzana juicy, Spring Ondruš, Jakub Gottwald, Ondřej Nosálek

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