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Czechs Filipíncům help build new boats

Thanks to donors come from Czech Filipino fishermen from the island of Panaiského ADRA Czech Republic, converted two million crowns to the new boats. ADRA will also provide funds to women who were left without income. Money receive a salary for the repair of fishing nets.

Overall, ADRA will support 2,109 households, reconstructs 503 boats and pay for the repair of fishing nets in 1006. Just restoration of fishing, which was at Mr. main source of livelihood of people, throws back the local economy.

Big torrential wave destroyed most boats and moorings. Panaiští fishermen leave now earn their living in big cities, but this does not solve the problems in the area. Without work, there are women who have been accustomed to make ends meet by selling fish in the markets. Many of them due to a typhoon was on the border of poverty and environmental bankruptcy. The loss of the fishing infrastructure has a negative impact on the nutrition of the population Panaiského island. Only eat porridge and rice, which are too limited.

ADRA in January preparing a program that has Panaiském fishing on the island to recover.

At this point sends ADRA from donors around the world to the Philippines about a million dollars, of which one hundred thousand from donors Czech. Czechs and help about two hundred families. The money will be used for the construction or repair of about fifty boats and hundreds of fishing nets. ADRA wants not only to finance the repair and construction of ships, but also bring in trainers who teach local fishermen to manufacture fiberglass boats that are durable and resilient. The program also deals with women and their precarious situation. "Extremely provide support to women in the form of cash for work. It is a way of financial assistance when people get money for work that is directly related to the activity of the disaster. Women will thus repairing fishing nets, "explains the director of ADRA Czech Republic Michal Čančík.

ADRA helps since the beginning of the disaster

ADRA operates in one of the most affected areas - Visajských Western Isles, where there is also Panay. In early November there has distributed food packages for nearly 5 thousand families, 2,000 hygiene kits (jerry can, soap, toothbrushes, towels, etc.) and put into operation seven sewage treatment plants, which draws water from roughly 50,000 inhabitants, built 16 latrines and constructing additional wells . Along with health professionals from the hospital in Estancia investigate nearly 1,500 women and children and gave them nutritional supplements. "Other programs that ADRA prepares will be long-term nature, but there are still many areas where still providing emergency assistance," says Čančík.

How to support the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines Haiyan?
financial contribution to the account of a public collection organization ADRA 41594159/0300, vs 395
donor by sending an SMS with the DMS ADRA to 87777 (Price 30 CZK, ADRA receives 28.50 CZK)
rapid on-line payment
customers all hobbymarkatů Hornbach can contribute financially to the collection boxes and help the people who took the typhoon shelter. JELLY find customers at the tills in all eight of DIY shop in the Czech Republic, with Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Plzen, Hradec Králové and Olomouc.

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