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Merry Christmas without digestive problems and a few extra pounds

Christmas holidays are the peace and tranquility nowadays can hardly say. Stress, which usually experience during Advent, we managed to prepare everything, replace eating and lounging around watching TV.

Extremely food, sweets and alcohol, lack of exercise and nervous tension means for our body a great burden. After Christmas, often struggling with overweight or digestive problems. Here are a few tips on how to enjoy Christmas as much as possible while mitigate the negative impact of Christmas sweets on our health.

Neither deco extra

Time of overeating during which considerably increases the intake of calories, begins the Advent season and the arrival of St. Nicholas' Eve, and usually ends up at the beginning of the new year. It is no wonder that most of us have trouble keeping their pound under control. According to nutritionists puts on each Bohemia during the Christmas holidays on average 3 kg. Few people have the will is firm enough to withstand vonícímu candy and other treats. That's why it's good to enrich the diet with dietary supplements containing chromium. The offset in the level of sugar in the blood. "Balanced level of glucose reduces cravings for sweets. Chromium contributes to the proper metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. During the holidays it is good to also reach the green tea extract, which promotes metabolism and fat oxidation. By helping the body use fat as an energy source, easier to combustion, "explains Clare Minczinger, product manager of Generica.

Chewing against flatulence

The combination of fatty, salty and sweet can greatly endanger proper digestion. Typical indigestion include flatulence, diarrhea or constipation, and feeling full stomach, often in combination with pain. Effective tool against flatulence may be products containing simethicone. This silicon compound is not absorbed in the body and acts only in the intestine. In our market, moreover, exists in the form of chewable capsules, whose use is very simple.
When diarrhea or constipation can try probiotics. For the maximum effect is suitable for such dietary supplement, wherein the bacteria are lyophilised. Freeze-drying it guarantees the lifetime of the bacteria and thus their effect. We can also look for such probiotic that their living culture protects against the effects of stomach acid by special technology. Bacteria were then released in the intestines.

Watch the hilarious parties

With Christmas is also linked to increased consumption of alcohol. Hot mead, mulled wine or grog to warm belong to the right Christmas atmosphere almost like fried carp and potato salad. For our health and waistline would be best to skip the alcohol altogether. If, however, it is not going to completely give up, we should always protect the liver from alcohol that suffer the most. Silymarin may help. "Silymarin is an extract of milk thistle that supports liver health and contributes to their proper function. It helps protect cells and tissues from toxins and also oxidative stress, it is recommended for liver detoxification and cleansing the body. It is good to use it only during Christmas, but in the spring when the body calls for cleansing the most, "says Klára Minczinger. However, we should bear in mind that doctors consider alcohol as a risk even in small quantities. And if you just happen to us why some alcoholic excess, let's not forget the next day to supplement the vitamins and minerals that are not absorbed properly due to ethanol.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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