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Travel is not boring or a whopping 15 questions in selling holidays

We go on holiday to relax and to obtain incredible experiences. But they also experience themselves sellers of tours. During the Christmas season, we prepared 15 questions clients humorous travel agency Invia that will surely entertain you.

First Hello, can you please tell how many cans of beer you can take with you in hand luggage on board?

Second Please confirm that the following terms departures: 11th September and back on Friday the 13th Can you please arrange to be sure of a seat right at the exit, if anything?!

3rd Please book your stay in Paris. Send me offers tours, preferably with hotel accommodation Sacré Coeur. On the view I am concerned about.

4th Good day. Please can we ensure departure from any other city in Moravian-Silesian Region?

5th Please can you send us an e-mail with instructions to take off again? My wife is the last week abroad, so her e-mail could not come.

Hello, this Invia or unexpected telephone requests

6th Can you please help find the service to Oslo? I'm calling because I do not have email, and did not know how to use it. At the same time you can not book tickets online, because I'm afraid something to nepopletla. While still do not know the term, but I need to fly directly. They are afraid of flying with low cost because it not make myself understood. Of course I do not want to fly from Vienna, because I do not know how I got there. I will therefore only flights from Prague, because there maybe I hit. (Telephone query, the questioner is year 1984.)

7th Client: Hello, yesterday I mistakenly reported the wrong name sisters. She is married and he is not called Novotná, but Dvorakova.
Operator: change the name without a problem. Does your sister still a citizen of a maiden name? Will it be able to fly?
Client: No, she married twenty-five years ago.
(Phone interview)

8th Client: Hello, we would like to take advantage of the discount per child. Composition persons will be 2 adults and 1 child.
Operator: Of course. And how old is your child?
Client: He is 24 years old.
(Phone interview)

9th Client: Hello, please can you send the e-mail offer stays at sea? The condition is beachfront accommodation with all inclusive in a room with a view of the Eiffel Tower.
Operator: Very happy to send you an offer all inclusive tours in the hotel right on the beach. Unfortunately, the prospect of the Eiffel Tower is not possible to ensure that it is located two hundred miles from the nearest coast.
Client: In this case, turn on the competitive travel agency. I believe that my request has been granted. Known been accommodated in this way in the past year and was very satisfied.
(Phone interview)

Vacation with his wife at your own risk

10th Hello, I'd ordered a stay in Thailand for two people, to find a wife, please, just one-way ticket. Thank you!

11th The first class flights are not interested. Given the difference in price of about 20 thousand, so there will be some flight attendants topless. And it would nezkousla wife.

12th Responses to the questionnaire of satisfaction with the vacation: "Everything was OK, it just spoiled the fact that I was there with my wife!"

Complaints? Only with strong evidence!

13th The purity of the hotel, we were not satisfied. We have a cockroach, which we caught in a matchbox. We can take the office as evidence.

14th The hotel was right off the main and the noise of the cars was impossible to sleep. As proof of the high traffic statistics attach passing cars. In the time from 5 hours (12:00 to 5:00) at 433 passed by cars.

15th I demand compensation for the stolen glasses. As evidence of theft you sending your photos from your stay. The first photo I have with glasses, the second picture I'm already missing!

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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