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17 girls and S Moliere on bike

17 girls and S Moliere on bike Start the new year is here and in Czech cinemas entering new movies that are worth seeing. Let us help from today introduced two titles, which you can enjoy in January.

17 girls

In our cinemas from today, ie on 2 January

Czech French premiere of picture 17 girls was held at the 16th French Film Festival. The film, which has made a César Award nomination for Best Debut Award and the Student Jury Award at the International Film Festival Bratislava is inspired by real events. The feature-length directorial debut and sister duo Delphine and Muriel Coulinových based on the so-called "pregnancy boom in Gloucester High". Time Magazine was the first to reveal this unique scandal - during one period became pregnant once more than a dozen high school students from Gloucester.

"Right from the first moment we learned about the story, we found both fascinating and revealing today's society,"
indicate to your movie Coulinovy ​​sisters. "We wanted to be the film's story is told from the perspective of teenagers. We did not want to get into intepretací, we wanted the girls rather observe, explore how together dreams or doubts as to silence their (real) rooms. Camille and her friends are at the age where they can get immediate and eternal life, they begin to think about the future and when you begin to build a relationship with your body ... We wanted to tell the story of friendship and femininity at the same time seriously (the girls and their dreams, which alone is not enough, we are looking primarily melancholy) and cheerfully. Because the teenage years are precisely those - despair alternating laughter within seconds, just when one of the friends still by your side. "

S Moliere on bike

In our cinemas from 16 January

"Poor fool, I still think you should speak truthfully? Truth is your madness! "- These and other replicas of Molière's Misanthrope was to become the image of French director Philippe Le Guay. At the same time an idea for your film acquired during a meeting with his longtime friend Fabrice Luchinim. In common walk began Luchini cite just texts Misanthrope.

"Every morning working on Misanthrope," said Luchini their liking in this play. "This text gives me admiration and it is a puzzle to me, and so I think of him at every step. I am fascinated Filinto intelligence, social man, who is on his adolescent age too advanced. He understood that clever mind can develop only when it is masked. And in Nietzsche's concept of the mask. "

The two friends began to develop the idea of ​​Molière games and talked about its possible incorporation into the proposed film. Says Philippe Le Guay, each of us can recognize the character Alcestus or Filinto: "We were together endless discussions about the people and the two of us. He argues that there is generosity and everyone looks just their interests and problems. I'll play the ingenue, who looks at the world through rose-colored glasses. I am of altruism and caring for others. We had a long debate about human behavior. Fabrice is a pragmatist, and I am forgiving. They think that my forgiveness is a mask I wear, I flattered his ego. Maybe so very wrong. "

Source: tz Film Europe

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