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Keep New Year's Resolutions - stops smoking!

Do you believe the end of each year, the firm that since January, finally, you will not smoke, but then quickly forget? Now this resolution is one of the most common that people give. But unfortunately it is also one of those few people manage to meet. Try to change this time.

This year it will tip!

Hundreds of smokers give objective that Eve leaves the old habit and stop smoking. Start the new year is the perfect time to implement these plans. Norman H. Edelman, chief surgeon of the American Lung Association, says that the benefits of life without tobacco are absolutely clear - it improves the overall health and it is also economic benefits. American Legacy organization that advocates for people to stop smoking, conducted a survey and found the following:

This year he wants to quit smoking twice more than in 2012.
67% of which was reported as the reason for the rising cost of cigarettes.
58% expressed concerns over his health condition associated with smoking - unfortunately more than half of them talked about his plan with your doctor. At the same time, health care providers play a key role in the success of smoking cessation.

Plan a win

Few people who start weaning, the long-term plan. I therefore their New Year's resolutions usually lasts up to one month and then turn back to old habits. So what can be done for success?
Make a plan with your doctor, who can support you and encourage in its observance.
You do not ceasing smoking yourself, tell your resolutions family, friends and work colleagues. Ask for their support - to have someone who just listens to you and can help very much.
Well you all plan, specify the day you stop and write it down in your calendar. Avoid stress, which bring holidays and celebrations, and advance by wrapping everything to comply with the plan you need.
Practice every day.'s Proven that movement helps smokers. Not only will you feeling more relaxed, but you will not gain weight (which smokers often happens).
Eat a balanced diet and enough sleep. Sleep is very important, it helps draw strength and energy level to cope.

Source: Quitting kouření.cz

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