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Advisory dtest - funny stories also cry

Consumer Advisor magazine dTest solved for the year 2013 more than 25,000 cases. Legal advisors typically assist consumers with serious violations of their rights. Some situations, however, retrospectively seems quaint and even humorous.

Sometimes there is a wide range of vendor harm, such as when a consumer after a careful selection of the e-shop orders a child seat and place it comes hood. Disenchantment with unexpected shipment will emphasize access vendor who refuses to send a car seat until the consumer returns to their cost what the seller himself mistakenly added.

It is often difficult to assess what the warranty covers defects in legal and what is not. Sellers, however, are in the clear now. The statutory warranty does not apply to defects caused by damage or misuse of the matter by the consumer. But what if the game will enter another living creature?
One of the most curious cases of the past year to address the Hotline buyer who bought a TV with a diagonal of one and a half meters. The beautiful picture, however, looking forward to long, the screen was quickly saw the shadow of a beetle with legs. Beetle incomprehensible reasons wandered into the bowels of the device and got between the layers of the screen, where he remained imprisoned around forever. Seller was indeed surprised by an unusual complaint, but issued a statement without hesitation: "For we are not responsible beetle, the complaint is dismissed."

Living creatures can inflict even more damage. Head of Legal Advice dtest Luke Green explains: "Our clinic has asked for advice on a consumer who was involved in a car accident and vividly portrayed what hacking was preceded by a car. Nothing bad unknowingly drove down the road when he suddenly jumped into the road in front of the car doe. A forester who chased a deer in the oncoming car, on her is sounded, and a frightened animal in panic jumped under a passing car. "Unhappy ending will certainly prove yourself vividly imagine. But who will pay the damages to the car startled driver?

Advisor magazine dTest is available to consumers on telephone line 299 149 009 or in electronic form on / e-clinic. Her head Luke Green says: "Consumers appreciate the advice that will receive, many are turning to us because repeatedly. Dtest advisors are ready to assist consumers in the following year with their problems, humorous and serious. "

Source: tz dTest

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