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Do not let the first impression!

"Do not let the first impression!" That is the basic message of the third wave of one of the biggest social campaigns in the Czech Republic, which began in late December and will run throughout January. Its aim is to change public attitudes towards people with disabilities.

Unlike previous waves, which worked with the metaphor of flying like a normal human trait and walking as a form of disability, the main characters of this year's commercials have become real people. "Campaign is back on the ground, among our neighbors, colleagues and friends who do have some of those traits, but still goes to work, devoted to art, love, raise children, "says Slávka Hock Foundation of Sirius." This time we talk we nor hired actors or romantic metaphor. We give space to people with disabilities themselves, "he adds.

Blind climber who managed to conquer a series of peaks. Wheelchair, which plays in a performance full of acrobatic elements. Deaf, who works in daily contact with people ...
these are just three examples of people from the real world who, despite their handicaps do what they want.

Extensive social campaign that has support for both professionals and people with disabilities, again refer to the website where candidates can find detailed information on a range of visual communication and videos. campaign began in 2010 as a response to an extensive survey of the families of children with disabilities. Among the most important issues when children and their parents and carers reported attitude of the public towards people with disabilities. Since that time, there were two waves of media campaigns, workshops at primary and secondary schools, creative challenge for students and successful interactive exhibition My journey to the exhibition in Prague-Holešovice.

Currently underway workshops in schools and in training is a continuation of an interactive exhibition, this time headed our way, in Brno in early summer and in Prague in autumn 2014.

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