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Thirteen was not just an unfortunate

Thirteen was not just an unfortunate Year 2013 was the Zoo Praha not only in the sign of flooding, but also a number of good news and achievements.

The floods, which affected the Prague zoo in the first days of June and flooded the lower part of the area, but fortunately did not reach a level surface and do not cause damage such as floods in 2002. Due to the high deployment zoo workers and subsequently volunteer and professional firefighters was just a completely minimal loss of animal and managed to save a substantial portion displaceable property. At the same flood caused a huge wave of solidarity. Supporters of the Prague zoo it not only provides financial and material resources, but after the water also helped in the aftermath.

Flood of course fundamentally influenced the course of the season and dashed expectations extremely high traffic. The fact that in 2013 came despite flood damage and long-term closure of the lower part of the area more than 1.1 million visitors, must be considered a huge success and also proof of the fact that the Prague Zoo has something for you.

By early 2013, the Prague Zoo had their first baby elephant in its history - female Sita. A very rare and attractive at the same time breeding later also became young Sumatran orangutan (first after more than 40 years) and, for example, Sumatran tiger. The enormous importance of achieving world prvoodchovu turtles Smith and international interest generated cub palm cockatoo. Year Thirteen in AD but was also marked by losses, particularly in its conclusion. In December probably succumbed to the viral infection young elephant Tonya and due to diseases of the digestive tract also died orangutan male Padang ...

High season began after the Prague zoo znovuzpřístupnění scenic trails Zakázanky ceremonial opening of the new Valley Pavilion elephants and hippos. Especially Elephant Valley meets with great interest of visitors and the new pride of Prague Zoo. Also took place construction Salamander pavilion, but other plans amended flood: rebuilding the Pavilion was postponed large mammals (old slonince) and priority has both new gorilla pavilion located outside the flood zone and also better flood protection the lower part of the site.

Year 2013 is connected with achievements for the protection of endangered species. In Cameroon, started his journey Stray bus and Mongolia are able to transport aircraft CASA another four Przewalski's horse mares.

Source: tz
Author: tz Miroslav Bobek, director of the Prague Zoo
Valley of elephants. Tomáš Adamec, Zoo Praha
Evacuation Batagur. Tomáš Adamec, Zoo Praha
Young Tiger. Tomáš Adamec, Zoo Praha
Stray bus. Miroslav Bobek, Zoo Praha

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