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Since psoriasis can also help through home "pharmacy"

Psoriasis or psoriasis mainly affects the skin. For treatment uses various ointments, gels, lotions, but also corticosteroids and phototherapy recently also targeted therapy. If you have less severe symptoms, then you can try the so-called "domestic" products. What are they?

From herbs to fruit

Herbal tincture of calendula. Very effective is tea, drink it, you have 2 times a day, and one cup. A decoction is used by him to soak the affected skin. Preparation means that 1 liter of boiled water add about 8 calendula flowers and leave to infuse. You can also use it in the bath.

Aloe vera. If you delete the affected areas of aloe vera cream 3 times daily for 2-4 weeks to notice an improvement of psoriasis. Doctors recommend the use of rather pure aloe vera gel instead of cream, which usually contains other ingredients.

Apple cider vinegar., If it dilutes with water, it can be used to temporarily relieve itching and flaking of the skin. It can be poured on the scalp and rub for one minute, then rinsed.

Banana. There ointments, which are formed from coal tar and essential fatty acids from the banana peels that enhances the immune system. Some indigenous peoples attach to psoriatic skin straight banana peels.

Burdock tincture. Might prevent psoriasis flare. It is used 20-40 drops 3 times a day.

Chamomile. Against psoriasis is used across Europe. It contains anti-inflammatory flavonoids. If you are allergic or have a tendency to be allergic to chamomile but rather carefully.

Castor oil. Especially useful when applied at night on small and limited lesions. Cold pressed castor oil mixed with baking soda again works very well on textured heel feet.

Cayenne pepper. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to cure. You can only apply it on the affected skin, but only after agreement with the doctor.

Pampelišková tincture. Stimulates the gall bladder and helps wash away toxins from the body. The recommended dose is 30-60 drops 2 times a day.

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