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I play sports in the winter, but safely!

Physical activity in the fresh air is without a doubt the best way to keep fit during the winter. Freezing weather with you but carries a lot of pitfalls, which is good to watch. Check out some tips on how to minimize the risk of accidents, whether it enjoys skiing, ice skating, or "just" throwing snow.

Principles of sports enthusiasts

Warming up. Cold muscles are more prone to injury, so before sports activity Take short warm-up exercises. Every muscle stretch at least 30 seconds. If you ski, repeat the stretching, i go when demanding slope.
Rozhled. Most important for injury prevention is knowledge of the environment in which you are going to play sports. As you well know where the fences, trees, stumps or rocks, you can avoid them. Remain therefore slopes and roads and give not be wasted on adventures outside marked trails.
Caution. If you feel tired even before the sports activity, rather it not even start and enjoy a more relaxing day.

With snow safely

Shoveling snow is also one of the common causes strain or winter injury. How do I avoid sore muscles and back pain associated with this activity?
Invest in the right shovel - curved handle and its length adjusted properly can significantly reduce the burden on your back. When choosing rather reach for the plastic materials that are lighter, and the work will be easier.
Use proper throwing technique - Bend the hips and lift with the legs, not your back. Nenabírejte have too much snow load and throw over his shoulder, but rather to draw forward a piece of him.
Whenever you can, use a shovel snow blower instead.

For any occasion

Whether going to a hockey game, or other winter fun, some safety rules never change:
Curb Your Enthusiasm and avoid too much stress, overheating and dehydration.
Clothing layers, it is better to keep them warm. If you are hot, you can simply something off. It is always better to more thinner layers than one thick.
Get your boots with good soles that do not slip. Alternatively, you can attach to shoes special anti-slip tapes.
Learn to fall. If you feel that fall is inevitable, try to land on its side or on the bottom. Do not fight against gravity - a controlled fall is better than uncontrolled effort to stay on his feet.

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