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A piece of Moravia in Prague

A piece of Moravia in Prague Saturday 25th January 2014 to transfer a piece of Rococo Theatre of Moravia. From 21 pm will be the stage Vasily Frederick, who for all lovers of the dulcimer and Moravian folk songs prepares its Soirée.

In order to Vasil Frederick himself was invited as a guest of their longtime friends - great cimbalom player and singer Michael HORSÁK Jitka Novotna and Tatiana Roskovcovou. And going even more surprises.

"I would like everybody to perceive not as Soirée Basil Frederick, but as a party, where we bring a piece of Slovakia, my home, here in the rococo style. There will be music from us, wine, maybe some brandy, and good humor imported by us from Moravian Slovakia to Prague, "invites all actor who in Prague Municipal Theatres operates since 2006 and currently plays in productions Želary among others, The Office, Players, Monty Python's Flying cabaret, Saturnin or King Lear.

It Želary production takes place before the Soirée Basil Frederick. Both links Moravian folk songs and not only that: "The real Želary is the place where I come from. I would like to invite all colleagues on the stage of Želary, we get together to sing a song from the show, "says Vasil Fridrich born in the town of. From childhood he attended folk ensemble, and in Prague regularly go on dulcimer music, and as he says, it's the matter of the heart.

In addition to colleagues from the Municipal Theatre of Prague had invited their friends cimbalom player Michala HORSÁK and sisters Jitka Novotna and Tanya Roskovcovou "Jitka is a top singer and presenter, Tanya is a graduate violinist and also a great singer, which runs as a vocalist with Karel Gott. Both sing folklore because their dad Luboš Malek is first violinist of the largest body of folklore, which with us is Olšava. Both beautifully sung a capella Kopanický halekačky that arose when the women called themselves the hill to hill. "

About Moravia will not sing much, but also to talk, so viewers can look forward to a really nice party.

Third Soirée City Theatres of Prague with Vasil Frederick held on Saturday 25th January 2014 from 21 hours in the Rococo Theatre.

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