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Ingmar Bergman films in a small room Lanterns

Ingmar Bergman films in a small room Lanterns On the occasion of 105th anniversary of the great hall Lucerna Cinema is for visitors of Prague cinema ready ceremonial opening of a second, a small cinema.

Originally hall intended for private screenings Milos Havel, co-owner and founder of the Lucerna Palace Barrandov studios, is challenging and successful renovation opens to the public with a capacity of over 50 seats.

At the beginning of your program, you not only contemporary cinema has prepared a series of First Republic, but also a unique collection of the most prominent film giant of world cinema, Ingmar Bergman, who gave Cinema Society Film Europe Media Company.

"Dramaturgically this hall will serve primarily as an alternative to the main hall of the cinema - if the" big lantern "Themed show for example, in the second room will be ready for such a program to get it chose i" nefestivalový "spectator. And vice versa - if you will be in the auditorium the audience to project a hit in the second hall will be ready umělečtěji based viewer rather arthouse program offer, "says
the" small "Lucerna cinema hall director, Bob Nemec. In addition to state of the art technology hall welcomes its audience also comfortable seats, which is decorated with portraits of leading Czechoslovak, European and international filmmakers.

"The opening of a new cinema in the center of Prague is truly exceptional act that we, as a European distributor of independent film, we just gratefully acknowledged. With the Lucerna cinema we have more than special relationships and now we even other distributors opens a new road to the viewer, which we, as Lucerna cinema, bringing the best of contemporary filmmaking. This is also exceptional films from the magician of world cinema, Ingmar Bergman. For the launch of "small" cinema Lanterns, we selected eight of Bergman's most famous works, "says
the opening cinematic president of Film Europe Media Company, Ivan Hronec.

Since Monday, the 13th Wednesday 22 January January
will always be in the evening screening of one of Bergman's films, vaulting from the fifties to the eighties years. Bergman won for their work a number of prestigious film awards and nominations. For three of the films screened Bergman was nominated for an Oscar (Wild Strawberries, Autumn Sonata and Fanny and Alexander, his life was even nominated for this award six times), Berlin was awarded for Wild Strawberries Golden Bear for the seventh seal was nominated for Cannes Palme d'Or, which he then took home a total of seven times (once and for Smiles of a Summer Night).

Program Bergman's show in a small movie theater Lucerna is as follows:

13th 1st, 20:00 - Summer with Monika
14th 1st, 20:00 - Smiles of a Summer Night
16th 1st, 19:30 - The Seventh Seal
17th 1st, 19:30 - Wild Strawberries
19th 1st, 19:30 - Persona
20th 1st, 19:30 - Autumn Sonata
21st 1st, 19:00 - Scenes from a Marriage
22nd 1st, 19:00 - Fanny and Alexander

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