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Where the old toys? The charity also in the recycle bin

You left home after Christmas old useless toys that your kids exchanged for newer? Believe that the soil will only needlessly take up space, and it is better to get rid of them. Thankful they can take your friends, or relatives with children, but if you do not have any such, here are some tips on where to take old toys that are not squandered.

Children's homes of old toys often not worth

The first possibility for postponement of old toys that most people think are orphanages. A number of people is thinking that homes would not say anything, and so to carry them very old, broken or dirty toys. However, as confirmed by many directors of orphanages, the old vampire teddy bears or broken pieces usually worth it. Much better is take the financial contribution, for which children need takes dance lessons or take them to the zoo. Toys for his protege is usually enough. If you really want some of those toys home pay, consult first with his staff about what toys could possibly be interested. Preserved table games that are in frequent use home quickly wear out, most welcome. Interest also tend to have sports equipment. With toys for depreciation but they certainly fail.

Caritas, Red Cross, kindergartens and nurseries

If you want to spend on toys worthy causes, the best option is to donate it to charity or the local Red Cross. These charities will be for any help will be grateful. Charity accepts donations of material in their centers and malls. Plush toys can additionally along with old clothing trade insert in a plastic bag in the containers in textiles, which are located along the city streets. Material assistance also receives humanitarian organizations Czech Red Cross. She often organizes various collections and toys accepts in its humanitarian centers. Nice undamaged toys can also try to offer local nurseries, children's družinám, parent centers or children's departments in hospitals.

Destroyed and broken Advantage - the most environmentally

If your toys are no longer really in desperate condition, have no choice but to throw it away. Before them, however, automatically heading to the nearest garbage can or container, think about the environment. Some toys can be while legally disposed of as waste, but environmentalists advise is to break down the "primes" a different kind of blow by in the recycle bin. A special group of toys are those powered by electricity, eg electric trains, racing cars, video games and more. They are among elektroodpad and accordingly it is necessary to deal with them. "People often forget that even toys can be dangerous electronic waste that does not belong in the garbage. Electronic toys can be deposited in the appropriate recycling station, such as collection points or collection boxes in various institutions, schools and businesses. The project is either lazy even take you free of charge with another elektrem from the house, "says Petr Kubernát the company REMA system that deals with the take-back of WEEE. Ecological destruction will support the recycling of the materials incorporated and re-use, for example in the production of new toys.

Nice newer toys sell at auction

Newer toys in perfect condition from which your children have grown up quickly or lost interest, you can also try to sell on an exchange or auction. You will get back at least part of the amount you paid for them. If you do not have Exchange in your area, you can try some internet, which is really a large number. Just take a few minutes to register and add a short description of the photo and wait for the first buyer. People who love toy for a lower price, purchase, even though it is not completely new, it is nowadays you will find quite a lot. At the auction, you can try to sell the old unique toys for which some collectors are willing to pay high prices.

Charity shop

Newer toys in good condition, you can also donate to the so-called charity shops. Shops donated toys be included in its range and proceeds from their sale are used to fund projects designed to help seniors, the disabled and the needy. Things need to bring the opening hours directly to a specific transaction and pass it to the seller. The majority of charity shops are located in Prague, but you can find them in other cities throughout the Czech Republic.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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