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Since the new year in the hospital free

Since the new year in the hospital free Changes and news, with the introduction into the health care system in 2014 counts will affect every inhabitant of the Czech Republic. The most important inform the press release of the Ministry of Health.

At the hospital free of charge

A key innovation is the abolition of stay in hospitals. Patients in hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, spas or hospitals, long-term patients will be from 1 First 2014 to pay the current fee of CZK 100 per day of hospitalization. Fee was abolished under the ruling of the Constitutional Court in July 2013. Last day, when he had inpatient health care provider right (and obligation) to select regulatory fee is 31 prosinec 2013.

The new rules do not eliminate all fees. Regulatory fees for emergency room visits without age restrictions (90 CZK), visit a doctor since the age of 18 (30 CZK) and the fee for dispensing prescription drugs (30 CZK per prescription) remain unaffected.

Ministry of Health anticipates that this situation will only be a temporary solution. According to his proposal, would in future be charges for stay in inpatient reintroduce, in the amount of CZK 60 per day hospitalization exempt children under 18 years of age. Another fate charges, however, will be addressed by the new coalition government.

Loss of revenue in the form of abolition should stay by the Ministry of Health inpatient facilities partially offset the new ordinance's funding for 2014.

For treatment possibly beyond

Directive of the European Parliament and the EU Council No. 2011/24/EU of health insurance offers policyholders the opportunity to benefit health care in another Member State of the European Union. Counts not only the acute care, but also planned. Czech Republic had a directive on cross-border healthcare translated into national legal standards in October 2013. So far this has not happened. The relevant change is part of an amendment to the law on public health insurance, which by the end of 2013 passed the 2nd reading in the Chamber of Deputies. The term deployment still not sure it should not occur during the year 2014.

Invitations to the doctor

From mid-January will start to be insured invited to preventive screening. The project, called "The support of selected cancer prevention in the Czech Republic - screening programs" refers to three specific types of cancer - breast cancer, cervical cancer and colon cancer. Invitation to free preventive examinations can expect in their mailboxes clients all health insurance companies in the respective age groups:
carcinoma of the breast - women aged from 45 years to 70 years,
cervical cancer - women aged from 25 years to 70 years,
carcinoma of the colon intestine - men and women aged from 50 years to 70 years.

Sending out invitations to support a nationwide information campaign to alert the insured will need to take care of their health.

About these and other upcoming news Read more on the website of the Ministry of Health .


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